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Lights Out – What makes a life?

So far, the reaction to ‘Lights Out’ from readers has been a mixed bag. Are the Lights on for you, or have you given up on Patrick Leary and his future?

Pretty Little Liars is pushing all the girls to their wits’ end

Go ahead and laugh if you think my covering this show is funny. I dare you to find a show geared toward the adult audience with as much unsolved mystery and intrigue as ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ I don’t think you can.

Quotation Marks – To speak or not to speak

The Golden Globes were hit or miss, ‘American Idol’ brought in the new celebrity judges and ‘Being Human’ made its Americanized debut on Syfy.

Off The Map is squeezing the life out of me

Has my preview gone to the wayside? Shown the two episodes we were, ‘Off the Map’ really did seem different than ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I swear! But, all is not lost.

Cougar Town – The friendship episode

Why do some friends stay with you longer than others? We find out what keeps our ‘Cougar Town’ clique together in this new episode.

Pretty Little Liars – Things are happening so fast!

Oh my God – What an amazing episode. Did you watch? What did you think? Is Alison alive? What is the deal with Ian? I’m just floored at the gooey goodness of ‘Pretty Little Liars’!

Lights Out – Is redemption at hand?

In the second episode of ‘Lights Out’ we see the Leary family fall even farther from the pinnacle of success they once enjoyed. Just how far will they tumble?

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