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Bio: I have a long history in television and radio, writing and performing. In 1991, I won a Michigan Emmy Award for Comedy Acting. Emmy's wing broke off during a move. But I still love her. We all have our flaws.

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Cory Monteith from Glee at SDCC

Here’s one of my favorite interviews from San Diego Comic-Con with Cory Monteith, who portrays Finn Hudson on ‘Glee’.

Hell’s Kitchen – All in one pan!

A double dose of Ramsay sizzled tonight on Fox, and another hopeful is homeward bound. With so many whack jobs to chose from this season, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel for My Gordon Ramsay. Just make sure you cook those fish all in one pan!

Hell’s Kitchen – Southern Cuisine goes south

My poor Gordon Ramsay. I think he’s really going to lose it this time. But I say that in every season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’ This one though … it’s baaad. The specimen that walked the walk of shame tonight was overdue.

Glee’s Lea Michele at SDCC

Lea Michele talks with me (and other journalists) about the character she plays on ‘Glee,’ the acting process and Barbra Streisand.

Chris Daughtry at the 2012 SDCC

When it was announced Chris Daughtry would be available for an exclusive interview while I was in San Diego for Comic-Con, I jumped at the chance. I am a red-blooded American girl, after all. And I dragged CliqueClack ‘Idol’ writer Michael Noble with me. We discovered Chris is even more talented than we thought …

Duets crowns its winner

Were you surprised at who the winner was of ABC’s first (and likely last in my opinion) season of ‘Duets’? Yep, me neither.

SDCC – A virgin’s view

My fellow Clackers who’d been to Comic-Con in San Diego have referred to me as “Sweet Summer Child” for months, as this would be my first attendance. Now I know why!

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