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Duets crowns its winner

Were you surprised at who the winner was of ABC's first (and likely last in my opinion) season of 'Duets'? Yep, me neither.

- Season 1, Episode 9 - "The Finale"

Well. As happens a lot in my life, a person I find to be beyond obnoxious comes out smelling like a rose. Why is this? People always tell me that karma will come along and take care of everything and hand out just desserts. Yeah, right. Not so in the outcome of tonight’s Duets finale. The one judge who has been my nemesis all year, Jennifer Nettles (see her smirky face above) chose the contestant who won it all.

J-Rome. (And again, I ask you what is wrong with the simple name of Jerome that we must screw with it.)

Considering that the four “superstar” judges have been telling us for weeks that J-Rome was going to be the winner, do not color me startled.

What did make me sit up in my comfy blue armchair was the fact that Kelly Clarkson’s protege, Jason Farol, made it to the finals. See, I was at Comic-Con last week, and had better things to do than watch. And I did try to find another Clacker to take the show on for me, but it appears they all had something important on their calendar like darning their socks or taking a night class in taxidermy. Smarty-pantses!

So I only just found out tonight that my girl Bridget bit the dust with America’s votes, while Jason sailed through. I can only interpret this as meaning … A.) Lots of tweens were texting their asses off in voting for Jason and his baby face  or B.) Bridget must have turned in one horrifying performance. “B” seems unlikely, as she and partner John Legend rarely delivered a stinker.

That means that yet again me and my taste have fallen prey to the voting processes of these reality competitions.


Having said that, I won’t really go into tonight’s performances much. It was the same party and I was wearing a different dress.

John Glosson sang a ballad with Jennifer. Jason and Kelly bopped around the stage and made Elvis twitch in his grave. And J-Rome was again heralded (after a simply boring yet corny version of an El Debarge oldie that should have stayed dead.)

Am I cranky, you ask? Well … yes!

If you’ve stuck with me through this unholy mess of a show, you know why. (And if you have, I’m inviting you for cocktails Saturday night cause I owe you.)

I’m only going to say this one more time. At first? I had high hopes for this show. I still can think of many ways it could have been better. (Ditching Robin Thicke, all cheesy background dancers and getting a better host to name but three.)

And I need to say to the networks … loudly

Just because some of us are out here watching television in the summertime instead of BBQing or surfing or running through fields of flowers or what have you?

Doesn’t make it okay to give us crap for programming.

Photo Credit: ABC

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