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Each month, look for all the clack about what's on TV, filtered through the mind of Julia Hass.

Clacking with Julia – When a kiss is not a kiss

Did you see the big gay kiss on ‘Glee’? Because I did and, shockingly enough, I was not a fan.

by Julia Hass

Clacking with Julia – Everything I needed to know about feminism I learned from 30 Rock

After last week’s episode of ’30 Rock,’ a lot of people were left wondering – is Liz Lemon really a feminist superhero? And I still say yes, yes she is.

by Julia Hass

Clacking With Julia – This feminist revolution will not be televised (and should not be blogged)

The Daily Show and feminist bloggers go at it in this episode of Julia Chooses Between Two Things She Loves.

by Julia Hass

Clacking With Julia – Three music videos you should actually see this summer

The art of the music video is not dead! For these three summer hits, just hearing the song eight thousand times a day won’t be enough — you need to see the video that goes along with it.

by Julia Hass

Clacking with Julia – The greatest sports show on earth

Every four years, the World Cup makes me yearn for America to embrace soccer. So why don’t we?

by Julia Hass

Clacking With Julia – You’re Cut Off, the ultimate schadenfreude

Is it really possible for a reality show to raise your self-esteem? It is, if that show is ‘You’re Cut Off.’ Schadenfreude has never been so sweet.

by Julia Hass

Clacking With Julia – Bones, an alternate take: the perfection in the goodbye

Ivey and I disagree on almost everything, including the ‘Bones’ season finale. As far as I’m concerned? It was character-building perfection.

by Julia Hass
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