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HBO’s Game Change is non-partisan (and other uncomfortable realities) – Clacking with Julia

Did you watch ‘Game Change’ and wonder about if it was partisan or not? Because if so, you weren’t asking the right questions.

by Julia Hass

Not hating Zooey Deschanel (and other feminist concerns) – Clacking with Julia

When did it become okay to hold up Zooey Deschanel and ‘New Girl’ as examples of affronts to feminism? And can we please make it stop?

by Julia Hass

Clacking with Julia – The Sad Bastards Club

Why is drama considered so much better than comedy? And who’s in charge of deciding these things, anyway?

by Julia Hass

Clacking with Julia – True love conquers all bad television

Sometimes, all you need from a show is that warm, fuzzy feeling. And on that front, ‘The Marriage Ref’ delivers.

by Julia Hass

Clacking with Julia – The summer season blues

It’s the television off-season, which means many, many nights with nothing to watch. What’s a TV-obsessed girl to do?

by Julia Hass

Firefly, feminism, and you – Clacking with Julia

What is it about ‘Firefly’ that draws in such a diverse fan base? In three words: kick-ass ladies.

by Julia Hass

My comedy Emmy picks – Clacking with Julia

It’s almost time for Emmy nominations! This week in Clacking with Julia, I take you through my dream ballot for the most important category of awards – the best of comedy.

by Julia Hass
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