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Each month An takes a look at a different TV-related pop culture event.

The Year in Review – Monthly Musings

After reviewing past articles, I decide to give my future self advice based on my past.

by An Nicholson

Is Once Upon a Time’s Mr. Gold the Devil?

We know Mr. Gold is Rumpelstiltskin; but, could he be … Satan? If Mr. Gold is more evil than all the fairytale villains combined, who else is MORE evil than Malefecent, Rapunzel’s witch, and the evil queen all together?

by An Nicholson

Is Community better than The Big Bang Theory?

Which is better: ‘Community’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’? If you answered, ‘Community’ you’re right! So, why does the ‘BBT’ get all the ratings and ‘Community’ the cold shoulder?

by An Nicholson

Did the real Transformers suck?

Did the 1980s cartoons rock or did they suck major league? Maybe Michael Bay didn’t kill the franchise.

by An Nicholson

The Playboy Club needs feminism – Monthly Musings

‘The Playboy Club’ wasn’t anti-feminist, it was just boring. The show could be better if it didn’t pretend the club was fun 24-7. If it took on a more feminist slant, it could improve. What do you think?

by An Nicholson

The Wonder Woman Rant – Monthly Musings

Wonder Woman is too much of a fan-boy’s wet dream. Until DC and other writers make her a believable woman, most projects will continue to fail. Do you agree? Sound off!

by An Nicholson

Are TV critics too critical? No. – Monthly Musings

Are we here at CliqueClack too critical? Are online TV critics (or press in general) — like Pierce in ‘Community’s’ second season — bent on destroying everyone’s TV fun? I say no. If you say yes, what should we do differently?

by An Nicholson
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