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Each month An takes a look at a different TV-related pop culture event.

Does ABC Family’s Bunheads portray body issues accurately? Yes. – Monthly Musings

Every month, Monthly Musings muses on TV pop culture events. This month An tackles ‘Bunheads” realistic portrayal of body issues in dance.

by An Nicholson

Tired of TV? Create your own web series! – Monthly Musings

Each month I muse on a pop culture moment. This month, I talk to ‘Vampire Mob’ web series creator, Joe Wilson, and Just Plain Something video blogger, Katie S, about suggestions for starting your own series.

by An Nicholson

Is this Private Practice’s final season?

‘Private Practice’ is all but done, what with Tim Daly leaving this season, Kate Walsh leaving next season, Audra McDonald gone, and a 13-episode order for its sixth season.. Jaylen and I discuss our favorite moments, LEAST favorite characters and our series finale hopes.

by An Nicholson

Reviewing NBC’s 2012 cancellations – Monthly Musings

Each month, I review an aspect of popular culture. This month I weigh in on NBC’s decisions for Fall 2012. Renewing ‘Community’? Good. ‘Cancelling Best Friends Forever’? Bad.

by An Nicholson

Is Person of Interest the new Burn Notice? – Monthly Musings

Each month I review an aspect of Pop Culture. This week, I compare CBS’ first-year ‘Person of Interest’ with USA’s sixth-year ‘Burn Notice.’ Both shows cover ex-CIA spies who save innocents on a local level. Are they really all that different?

by An Nicholson

Is NBC’s Whitney the modern-day Mad About You? – Monthly Musings

I know it’s cool to hate ‘Whitney,’ but it has a lot of good spots. In fact, I think ‘Whitney’ is the next ‘Mad About You.’ How about you?

by An Nicholson

Have I betrayed my people? – Monthly Musings

Why didn’t last year’s shows with African-American leads do well? Could I have done something to support them? Were ‘Undercovers,’ ‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior’ and ‘HawthoRNe’ really that bad?

by An Nicholson
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