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What's the opposite of when a show "Jumps the Shark?" It's the moment it went from good to great, and we call that "Blowing the Hatch."

Defying Gravity’s Beta revealed … blame Canada

Friday night, Canada’s CTV aired the ninth episode of Defying Gravity, an episode we in the U.S. may not ever see until the series makes its way to DVD. By other means — be it via a friend with a SlingBox or dowloading via torrents — some of you may (or will) get a chance […]

by Keith McDuffee

Angel blew the hatch with Wesley’s road to bad-assery

This example of Hatch Blowing is going to sound familiar, if you read my previous one on Veronica Mars. As I said then, the transformation of Logan Echolls from unlikeable punk to likable suitor for Veronica was remarkable. Along those same lines, Angel had an amazing transformation to behold, with the depussification of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. […]

by Keith McDuffee

Twin Peaks blew the hatch with Cooper’s dream

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Twin Peaks fan. When we started tossing around the Blow the Hatch idea, I knew exactly what that moment was for me on Twin Peaks. In the second episode of the show (not including the TV movie pilot), agent Dale Cooper has a dream. A super trippy, David […]

by Bob Degon

When Supernatural blew the hatch – Bloody Mary

Now wait a minute — hear me out, you naysayers. Even though I only recently earned my Supernatural whore status, I’m aware of what the fan community generally thinks of “Bloody Mary,” and for the most part, it ain’t good. I haveĀ  a different experience with this episode, though. Look beyond the camp of the […]

by Debbie McDuffee

30 Rock Blew the Hatch when Jack and Kenneth played poker

Remember how 30 Rock and Studio 60 premiered at the same time, and everyone knew that there was only room for one “behind the scenes at a late-night sketch comedy show” series, and most people, it seemed, had their money on the Sorkin one? Before they aired, one of my friends even dismissed 30 Rock […]

by Kona Gallagher

The Shield Blew the Hatch with the money train

As was always with The Shield‘s Strike Team, they were a group of guys I hated to love. They were dirty cops, bending the law to their own purposes and outcomes, using their badge — their “shield” — as a means of protecting themselves from the scum on the street, and from being pinched by […]

by Keith McDuffee

Veronica Mars Blew the Hatch with the transformation of Logan Echolls

I was a latecomer to the Veronica Mars craze. Being a writer of television, there was no getting away from how many people were professing their love for this show, including Joss Whedon. Then there was all this talk about the season one finale and the big question: “Who’s at the door: Logan or Duncan?” […]

by Keith McDuffee
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