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Moments on television where you have to wonder: What were they thinking?

A clueless CBS reporter throws an undeserved bad wrap at an instrumental classic

Just what does CBS Sunday Morning’s Martha Teichner know about music, anyway? Nothing as far as I’m concerned.

by Michael Noble

Dancing With The Stars vs. The Voice

In week 1 of season 14, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is getting jostled about by ‘The Voice’ ratings-wise. But if the sub-standard performances on the singing competition continue, ‘DWTS’ hasn’t got anything to worry about in the long run.

by Michael Noble

Lucy Liu as Watson – perfect or problematic?

Can casting Lucy Liu as a genderflipped John Watson on CBS’ new show ‘Elementary’ be what makes it work, or will it be the downfall of the show before it even starts?

by Julia Hass

Could Being Human US survive a cast shake-up like the UK version?

What if Aidan, Josh and Nora all left the US version of ‘Being Human’ — would you still watch?

by Debbie McDuffee

The River just doesn’t flow for me

I wanted to like ‘The River’ — I really did. However, week after week I’m just more turned off from the series and grow more embarrassed that I’m wasting time watching it.

by Keith McDuffee

The worst thing I saw on TV in 2011

There are a lot of terrible things on television, but one thing stood out last year.

by Bob Sassone

Yet another interesting take on The Walking Dead

There’s no denying ‘The Walking Dead’ is filled with twists and turns … on screen as well as off.

by Michael Noble
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