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Which canceled show will you miss the most? – Poll

Each network announced their show cancellations last week, now you can vote for the one that you will miss the most!

by Carla Day

The Firm hits the home stretch

Mitch has a run-in with Sydney Bristow’s dad, and that’s about it for this week’s episode. But: we’re only two weeks away from the end of flash-forwards! (I think.)

by Brittany Frederick

The Firm shouldn’t mess with The Firm

Allow me to explain that interesting title. With this week’s episode, the NBC drama proves that it shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken.

by Brittany Frederick

Ratings Clack – Premieres! The Firm, Chelsea, The Finder, 30 Rock, Rob, The Game

The flood of premieres for the new year continues with ‘The Firm,’ ‘Are You There Chelsea,’ ‘The Finder,’ ’30 Rock,’ ‘Rob,’ and ‘The Game.’ That’s both good and bad, as the numbers run the gamut from ‘sure to be canceled’ to ‘solid hit’.

by Brett Love

The Firm stays its course

The legal drama’s second episode was light on answers but again strong in character development, with the McDeere brothers taking center stage.

by Brittany Frederick

Josh Lucas a welcome addition with The Firm

The ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ star shows he can be a TV leading man as well with the arrival of the small-screen version of John Grisham’s legal thriller.

by Brittany Frederick
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