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Ratings Clack – American Idol in third place?

The big news on the networks was ‘American Idol’ falling to third place in viewers and the demo. Over on cable, the premiere of ‘Eastbound & Down’ could do nothing to stop the freight train that is AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.

by Brett Love

The River – CliqueCaptions

It’s back! In CliqueCaptions, it’s up to you to give us your best shot at a caption for a photo from an episode of a show that aired within the past week.

by Keith McDuffee

The River just doesn’t flow for me

I wanted to like ‘The River’ — I really did. However, week after week I’m just more turned off from the series and grow more embarrassed that I’m wasting time watching it.

by Keith McDuffee

The Grammys and The Walking Dead top an otherwise down week – Ratings Clack

The big news on the broadcast networks last week was the huge ratings for the ‘Grammy Awards’. The death of Whitney Houston brought viewer levels the show hadn’t seen since the ’80s. Over on cable, the amazing run of ‘The Walking Dead’ just keeps going. The latest premiere finished even higher than the last one.

by Brett Love

Another Super Bowl record, and great starts for Voice and Smash – Ratings Clack

Another record setting ‘Super Bowl’ was the big event last week. But for our purposes here, the more interesting results concern the premieres of ‘The Voice’, ‘Smash’, and ‘The River’. One of those is not like the others. I’ll bet you can guess which one.

by Brett Love

The River – Dolls. Creepy freakin’ dolls!

Now that you’ve seen the first pair of episodes of ABC’s ‘The River’, will the filming style will be too much to endure for the life of the series, or is the story good enough to keep you on?

by Keith McDuffee

ABC’s The River – CliqueClack Preview

Maybe you’ve caught the commercials for ABC’s ‘The River’ recently and are wondering what the heck it’s all about. Here’s a little insight into what you’re in for, why it’s interesting and why it may fail.

by Keith McDuffee
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