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MusiClack – Instrumental television theme songs

Tara and Michael each pick 5 of their favorite instrumental television themes. Are any of them yours?

by Michael Noble

A second Psych Twin Peaks homage: Things we’d like to see

Now that the possibility of a second ‘Twin Peaks’ ‘Psych’ episode exists, a few of us discussed what we would like to see in that episode … pretty please?

by Debbie McDuffee

Twin Peaks Virgin Diary – Less weird, more soapy mystery

One part weird, one part nighttime soap opera, one part complex mystery. Everyone’s got a secret in ‘Twin Peaks,’ and even though I’m intrigued, something still isn’t clicking for me.

by Debbie McDuffee

Twin Peaks Virgin Diary – Still weird….

I’m really hoping all this weirdness pays off and becomes meaningful symbolism….

by Debbie McDuffee

Twin Peaks Virgin Diary – The pilot is delicously weird

I’m delving in to the unknown that is David Lynch’s mind: Here’s the first installment of my ‘Twin Peaks’ Virgin Diary … so far, so bizarre….

by Debbie McDuffee

Happy Town isn’t trying to be Twin Peaks, so ease off

Why do fans of ‘Twin Peaks’ need to crap all over ‘Happy Town,’ just because it kinda-sorta reminds them of their beloved show, but isn’t as good? Can’t we just enjoy it on its own and leave ‘Twin Peaks’ out of this?

by Keith McDuffee

Webisode Clack – Previously On Point Dume

Everyone’s favorite active, Enver Gjokaj, returns to the small screen with his very own web series, ‘Previously On Point Dume’. It’s a recap show for the greatest nighttime soap opera that never existed.

by Brett Love
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