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What are the lyrics to Lazy Sunday 2?


Lazy Sunday
Slept right through my alarm
Activate Siri and say
“Call Parn”

Who dis?
It’s me, man
Yo Samberg, kick facts
Tonight is the night
Sister Act

The show’s not ’til later
Let’s merc some brunch
I know a cute French place
Meet me outside Crunch

My core is ripped
That workout was trill
Man I can almost taste
those mimosas for real

They’re makin’ changes at three
We’d better start jammin’
I love that brunch
more than McAdams loves Channing

Dub step

Two fifty-nine
Made it on a technicality
Eggs benedict
No yolk
Less calories

The plating is cray
I detect sage butter
How you wanna pay Chris?
Go Dutch, motherfucker

Go to Sister Act
Like a pistol whack
Buck wild in the streets
Off a sixer pack

We go to Sister Act
Like we got racks on racks
‘Cause once you buy ‘em
You can’t give your tickets back

Yo, hold up, hold up
Hey, yo, Chris, we’re gonna have to hit ‘em with some new mish for 2012, my dude
So why don’t you drop it on ‘em like right now?

Allow me to reintroduce myself
My name is Parns
P to A-arns
Stupid bargains
up at all the Pottery Barns

Young Sandwich and I came to catch reck
Still waitin’ on a fucking YouTube check
Don’t mess with Magnolia ’cause the line’s too long
Plus it bumps with my clip
Now back to the song

Yo, peep the marquee
They some funny ass nuns
We got ninety-nine problems
But this sitch ain’t one

Sneak in the flask
Filled with sweet Vermouth
We take more shots in the theater
Than John Wilkes Booth

Flip up binocs
‘Cause we’re cultural mavens
Like dem and we scream out
That’s so Raven

Go to Sister Act
Like a pistol whack
All up in the theater
Like aristocrats

We gonna Sister Act
Like we got racks on racks
‘Cause once you buy ‘em
You can’t give your tickets back

On these New York streets
I honed my fake rap penmanship
That’s how it began
And that’s how I’m a finish it

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