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Dream casting Aaron Sorkin’s new show

I got to take an early read at the Pilot script of Aaron Sorkin’s new drama. Take a look at the characters of his new cable-news-themed show, and who I’d like to see playing them.

by Ivey West

Entourage – At least they’re still landing the guest stars

It’s hard for a show like ‘Entourage’ to go too far past the boundaries of good taste, but last night’s episode succeeded in doing just that … more than once.

by Aryeh S.

CliqueClack Flashback – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip looked to be a hands-down winner in the 2006-07 television season. Yet, as the season progressed, the show turned out to be more of a loser due to the heavy-handedness of its creator.

by Richard Keller

The West Wing blew the hatch with Charlie’s assassination attempt

The first season of The West Wing was some great drama. Mixing political and social commentary with deft humor and pop culture references, the show gave us a number of entertaining and thought-provoking episodes. There were hints of bigger and more dramatic events during the season, but nothing so earth-shattering that it changed the dynamic […]

by Richard Keller

The West Wing – CliqueClack Flashback

Ah, the post that started it all. The West Wing Week is an outgrowth of this here weekly feature; the series was simply too mammoth to be contained in just one post. Either that, or I figured it was a good way to get everyone else to carry the load for me (a thought that […]

by Aryeh S.

The West Wing Blew the Hatch with Bartlet dressing down Mary Marsh

As much as I love The West Wing, and as much as I was feeding into the hype surrounding its premiere (being the SportsNight nut that I was at the time), I actually forgot it was on the first night, and only caught the last act. I was instantly hooked, because, well Sorkin is a […]

by Ivey West

Welcome to West Wing Week

Kids, I know we’re crotch-deep into the new fall television season, but we wanted to do something else to not only highlight one of our favorite programs of the recent past, but to have Ivey stop complaining about the cancellation of According to Jim. Over the next week, we’re going to highlight The West Wing […]

by Richard Keller
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