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The Newsroom – Getting it right instead of first

An allegory for cable news outlets which jump the gun in reporting news that can turn out to be terribly wrong, Aaron Sorkin holds his fictional network up as an unrealistic role model.

by Meredith O'Brien

The Newsroom – All for one and one for all

Will McAvoy of ‘The Newsroom’ tried to throw money at ACN’s problems, while his staffers literally threw their bodies into their work.

by Meredith O'Brien

The Newsroom – Can we nix the romantic goofiness & get back to the news?

While ‘News Night’ is rebooting in order to emphasize substance over nonsense, how about having ‘The Newsroom’ follow suit?

by Meredith O'Brien

The Newsroom premiere review – The aspirational world of Aaron Sorkin

The pilot episode of Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ embodies TV news the way Sorkin wishes it would be, journalism’s version of ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’

by Meredith O'Brien

Trailer for Sorkin’s Newsroom indicates changes from the script

HBO has released a trailer for the first episode of ‘Newsroom.’ It looks interesting enough, but considerably different from the pilot script I read last year.

by Ivey West

Happy Sports Night Day!

Eleven years ago today, we saw the last episode of “Sports Night” on ABC. (Sob.) Join me, won’t you, in celebrating why Aaron Sorkin’s show that was not really about sports is still worth talking about eleven years later…

by Brittany Frederick

30 Rock – The return of the Devon Banks

’30 Rock’ came out with its second great episode in a row this week, which featured the return of Devon Banks, complete with totally awesome ‘Star Wars’ reference.

by Bob Degon
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