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Luck – Good? Bad? Just make your own

Ace moved forward with his plans for revenge as the gamblers saw their luck start to fade after their big win. If you missed ‘Luck’ on Sunday night (I can’t imagine what else you would have been watching), HBO is running it again on Monday.

by Bob Degon

Why I like Breaking Bad’s Skyler White

Most of the men I know don’t like ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Skyler White. I think Walt is lucky to have her.

by Jen Creer

A-Caroling with CliqueClack

Act now and you’ll receive this two-cassette collection of some of CliqueClack’s finest holiday songs, including ‘Oh NBC,’ ‘The Freelancer Song,’ and, of course, ‘Draper the Ad Man!’

by Keith McDuffee

TV on DVD – Deadwood, 7th Heaven, and The Tudors

A short list this week includes ‘Deadwood’, ‘7th Heaven’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, ‘Batman Beyond’, ‘Luther’, ‘Durham County’, ‘Space Precinct’, ‘Murder, She Wrote’, ‘Wagon Train’, and ‘Human Weapon’.

by Brett Love

Poll: What TV series on DVD do you recommend?

The winter television hiatus is soon going to be upon us … what to do? How about watching a new show via DVD? Share your favorite series and get some ideas of new shows to watch.

by Carla Day

Psych set visit, part four: Spotlight on Tim Omundson

The “I am one sexy beast and I know it” look in the above photo describes the Timothy Omundson that I met a few weeks ago. How does one go from demi-god on ‘Xena’ to rock star god on ‘Psych’? Learn more about the Zan to Maggie’s Jayna. Wonder Cop Powers: Activate!

by An Nicholson

Poll: TV characters who never should have been killed off

Jenny Calendar. Elizabeth Weir. Mr. Eko. Henry Blake. What do they all have in common? They were all killed off before their time. Which TV character’s death pissed you off the most? Vote in the poll, and leave a comment. It’s time to vent!

by Ruby T.
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