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NCIS:LA – Hawaii Five-0 mash up – Part 2

While concluding the two part team up of ‘NCIS:LA’ with ‘Hawaii 5-0′, Danno and Chin Ho travel to LA to help the gang track the released smallpox virus.

by An Nicholson

Hawaii 5-0 – NCIS:LA team up – Part 1

‘Hawaii 5-0′ finds a smallpox virus unleashed on the island with connections to ‘NCIS:LA.’ The two team up to take down the bad guy, hotness style.

by An Nicholson

NCIS: Los Angeles – Afghanistan, California

A Marine patrol is ambushed and their tank is blown up by an IED. Afghanistan? Iraq? Nope, California.

by Carla Day

NCIS: Los Angeles – The team grows

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ ended last season with G Callen shown in the crosshairs of a photo lens. And, this season started off in the same place … or did it?

by Carla Day

3, 2, 1 … Fall Season!

Gentlebeings, welcome to the 2009-2010 fall season! Oh sure, there were some season/series premieres last week — mostly on The CW, which really isn’t a network — but a majority of them start this week and continue until through October (in time for the cancellations). It’s shaping up to be an interesting season.  Traditional family sitcoms are […]

by Richard Keller
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