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Hawaii 5-0 – NCIS:LA team up – Part 1

'Hawaii 5-0' finds a smallpox virus unleashed on the island with connections to 'NCIS:LA.' The two team up to take down the bad guy, hotness style.

- Season 2, Episode 21 - "Pa Make Loa"

NCIS:LA and Hawaii 5-0 are natural crossover partners. Both are high adrenaline, high action, high testosterone shows with two tech geeks, three hot guys, one hot chick and one totally cool hideout. Last night proved how awesomely they work together.

Normally, I hate crossovers. The writers either a) never understand the characters from the other show; b) call it a crossover when only one character crosses over; or c) the character crossing over acts/speaks differently from when on their show. Although the CSI and Two and a Half Men crossover surprised me, I hated the NCIS-NCIS:LA crossover. (And, don’t get me started on the Angel-Buffy crossovers). I had low expectations while hoping they’d give me one kickass hour of blockbuster action. Luckily, I received the latter.

Everything melded the way I’d hoped. Sam acted like Sam and Callen like Callen. In fact, in Alex O’Loughlin’s absence, Sam easily took McGarrett’s place in ribbing Danno, bromance-style. Of course, car-buff Sam would name Danno’s car. I loved watching Kamekona feel up Sam’s biceps and ask how much he bench-pressed. It made sense that Chin Ho would team up with Callen. In McG’s absence, those two are the quietest yet most intense badasses. I loved watching Danno casually hang out in Chin Ho’s house without Chin Ho’s permission. While those two aren’t bromance-level, it spoke to a deep friendship. I loved the casual chemistry between the two. I loved watching Chin Ho and Danno play bad cop-bad cop in McG’s place. As usual, Max rocks the house.

I loved this cross-over because everyone acted the way they would in their own shows. Plus, the two casts melded seamlessly, with each character equally sharing the screen. It didn’t feel forced at all. Plus, the writers didn’t try to save the action or shocking maneuvers for the next episode.

I’m definitely looking forward to this week’s NCIS:LA.

“What the hell happened?” – Kono
“Other than waking up a foot shorter. My worst nightmare.” – Danno

“Either this guy killed himself in a really horrible way or I found a bunch of loaded guns.” –Danno (on finding the virus)

“Nice ride. What’s her name?” – Sam
“Her name is car.” – Danno

“We are going to take a page from McGarret’s playbook.” –Danno
“What do you mean by that?” – Chin Ho
“Take the playbook and set it on fire.” –Danno

“Why do you dress like that? You’re in Hawaii.” –Sam

Photo Credit: CBS

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