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Parenthood — Zeek reveals his softer side

Despite its flaws — namely the ‘walk-in-on-Sarah’ storyline — ‘Parenthood’ kicked off 2012 in fine form.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Max goes missing

Why did they have to have Max go missing the moment Kristina got a job? Was this a punishment for becoming a working mom?

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – A tantrum for the ages

Of all the ‘Parenthood’ episodes thus far, I identified with this one the most because of that fabulous Sydney tantrum scene. It was awesome.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood — Sarah finally gets a decent story

It’s about time that Lauren Graham was handed some meaty material that didn’t make her character look hapless and immature.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Is Sarah being played?

While Adam and Crosby scrambled to get ready for Cee Lo Green to record at their new studio, Kristina was seriously sleep deprived and Sarah took a chance on her alcoholic ex.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood — You CAN have the coffee cart gal’s baby after all

As a new Braverman entered the world, another may be just around the corner, provided that the writers don’t go all soap opera on us.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Alex gets a pass, thanks to Adam

The trend of packing so much into an episode that no one story has a chance to gain deep, emotional traction is, unfortunately, continuing in ‘Parenthood’s’ third season.

by Meredith O'Brien
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