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Guest star casting news and spoilers: Romano, Imperioli, and Baldwin

The guest star casting news and spoilers abound today: Ray Romano is doing an arc on “Parenthood,”Michael Imperoli is doing an episode of “Necessary Roughness,” and there are rumors of Alec Baldwin doing a stint on “The Good Wife.” What do you make of these announcements?

by Christina Furtado

Parenthood’s season ends with sweetness, sorrow & surprises

The mood was all over the place as the third season came to a close, from Crosby and Jasmine’s long delayed wedding to a fraternal fist fight involving beer and salsa.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Welcome to the Braverman family!

Zoe gives birth, Jasmine and Crosby go camping, an offer is made on the Luncheonette, Sarah and Mark talk about moving to New York, and Amber leaves her job — all on one episode of ‘Parenthood.’ Wow.

by Carla Day

Parenthood – Perhaps Drew wouldn’t have freaked out if Sarah were married

Has Sarah fully thought this having a baby with her twentysomething boyfriend thing out? No, she has not.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Amber, a political scandal in the making?

After a mini-break, ‘Parenthood’ returned with a delightfully complicated stew of an episode highlighted by Bobby Little wanting to show Amber he’s not so little.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Buddy can you spare $260,000?

Four years at Cornell costs how much? Please excuse Adam and Kristina while they retreat into a corner and sob as they imagine their future, bankrupted by Ivy League bills.

by Meredith O'Brien

Parenthood – Front page, bold type

Sibling rivalry flared, baby talk was had and nepotism flourished.

by Meredith O'Brien
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