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Poll: What TV series on DVD do you recommend?

The winter television hiatus is soon going to be upon us … what to do? How about watching a new show via DVD? Share your favorite series and get some ideas of new shows to watch.

by Carla Day

The Shield Virgin Diary – Vic wins and loses

My Virgin Diary of the uneven first season of ‘The Shield’ is now complete with a viewing of the outstanding final episode. Mackey might have got his man (all of them, really), but seemingly has lost his family in the process.

by Ivey West

The Shield Virgin Diary – Gilroy makes too many enemies

Too bad for the Assistant Chief, he quickly made a political enemy in Aceveda, and a mortal one in the form of Vic Mackey.

by Ivey West

The Shield Virgin Diary – The criminal politics of Farmington

Vic Mackey changes dealers, faces down a nation, and takes his kid to school. You’ve got to say that’s a pretty full day.

by Ivey West

The Shield virgin’s diary – Crossing the line

Dutch finally catches a break in his hunt for the serial killer, but despite that success, he still manages to share the bad day that everyone that works in the Barn had.

by Ivey West

The Shield virgin’s diary – Who put this team together?

Even if you allow for the possibility that Lem developed feelings for Tigre so quickly, his actions were those of a blathering idiot, and not a member of the “elite” Strike Team.

by Ivey West

The Shield virgin’s diary – I’ll take Mackey over Julien and Aceveda

As the Strike Force seemingly dodges another bullet (though at the cost of the high-level protection they’d been enjoying), I discover just how uninteresting and miserable Julien and Aceveda truly are.

by Ivey West
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