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Eggy goodness wrapped in nori – Maki Clack



We celebrate the egg here at CliqueClack Food: Isabelle the Rookie Cook learned to make eggs over-easy, Bob discussed making Eggs Benedict, we wondered if eggs are just for breakfast, and Heidi Swanson treated us to a Tasty Frittata. It was only a matter of time before we glorified the egg sushi.

Better known as tamago (if you’re a real sushi eater, that is), the “omelet” that is used for the sushi is made from egg, sugar and shoyu. This is a great sushi to make at home for several reasons:

  • It’s authentic. You can get the very same thing at a sushi restaurant.
  • You don’t have to worry if you aren’t a raw fish type, or if it makes you nervous to create your own sushi with raw fish.
  • It’s vegetarian.
  • It’s wheat and gluten free if you use the right tamari.
  • Embarrassingly easy to make, is the tamago (yes, Yoda really did say that.).

So let’s do it!

Sushi Day has really clear instructions, complete with pictures, on how to make tamago. Once you’ve completed your perfect little omelet, try it on one of these maki roll combinations:

  • tamago, avocado, daikon radish
  • tamago, scallions and sprouts
  • tamago, unagi, cucumber (like in the photo)

You’ve got to serve these in the traditional way, as the flavors of the sweet egg, the sweet and spicy pickled ginger, the salty soy sauce and the nose-burning wasabi play off one another so nicely. This is one of my favorite sushi rolls to make at home.

Photo Credit: avlxyz / Flickr

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