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Italian Egg Bake – Hold the Meat

Yet another quick and easy vegetarian meal. This one gives you a use for all the leftover veggies in your fridge.

Since I’m working from home again, I’m making an effort to find new things to cook and to figure out ways for Cooper to eat vegetables (2-year-olds apparently don’t like to do that. Who knew?). So last week, I made a trip to the grocery store to find new and exciting dishes to make.

Months before, I had downloaded a Simply Organic iPhone app, but hadn’t really used it. Now I have the time, so I decided to see what it had to offer. The first recipe I tested out was this Italian Egg Bake. They can call it whatever they want, but it’s basically a frittata. Regardless of the name, it screamed “EXCUSE TO USE LOTS OF VEGGIES” at me.

The best part about this recipe though is that it’s ridiculously quick to make. Granted, it has to cook for a long time, so it does require some forethought, but all you have to do is mix up a couple of ingredients in a bowl, stick it in a pie pan and put it in the oven. Done.

I had a few issues with the recipe: One is that the only seasoning called for is Italian dressing mix. That sounded kind of gross to me, but I decided to give it a whirl. It was actually pretty good! The other, was that it only called for 1/2 cup of veggies. That seemed to defeat the entire purpose for me, so I changed it to about 1/2 cup of each veggie: tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus.

It turned out great, and Cooper eventually ate it. I say eventually because when he first saw the triangle slice on his plate he went, “Pizza! Pizza!” As good as this egg bake was, when you’re a toddler who’s expecting pizza, it’s pretty much the worst thing ever. He had a couple of bites, but when we put a leftover slice in his lunch the next day for school, he ate most of it.

In any case, I certainly call this recipe a success. Plus, it’s a really good dish to make when you end up in a situation (as I so often do) of having leftover veggies that aren’t going to stay fresh much longer. Chop ‘em up and throw them in!

Photo Credit: Kona Gallagher/kona99 on flickr

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