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Recipe Test Drives


Sole-wrapped asparagus with tangerine beurre blanc – Recipe Test Drive

Having never cooked sole before, and being up for something a bit different in the fish department, I happened upon a simple recipe that’s just a little more beautiful to look at than it tastes.

Pasta, chicken, beef; slow cookers and substitutions – Mini Recipe Test Drives

Here’s what I’ve been cooking and loving … Mark Bittman, Good Housekeeping and Disney Family recipes in the same post. Now that’s eclectic … and possibly a little disturbing.

Tuscan salmon, spelt flour tortillas, pork tenderloin with apples and more – Mini Recipe Test Drives

I’m cooking, really I am, and these are the recipes that I’ve tried and loved in some way or another lately. An easy Mexican casserole, a slow-cooker lamb stew and a simple yet elegant salmon dish are just a few highlights.

This chocolate chip skillet cookie has taken over my life

It’s a giant cookie — c’mon, a GIANT COOKIE! Is there really anything more to say about this dessert?

Six things I’ve cooked in my kitchen lately – Recipe Test Drives

I’ve recently tried some recipes I love and would make again in a heartbeat. Most of them are main dishes, but, oh, that dessert. …

These dark chocolate salted caramel cookies are the best thing that have ever happened to me

I love slice-and-bake cookies, but these are hands-down the greatest cookies I have ever made from scratch. They blow everything before them completely out of the water and made me start making cookies again.

Corn potato chowder – Recipe Test Drive

I love accidental recipes. This one is made up entirely of things I already had in my kitchen.

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