Louis on Dexter: what a disappointment

Louis Green

Ever since his introduction on ‘Dexter’ last season, Masuka’s intern, Louis Greene, has been an interesting character to try to figure out. It turns out all that pondering was a big ol’ waste of time. What a shame.


You might recall that last season I published some thoughts on who the thorn in Dexter’s side — and intern for Vince Masuka — Louis Greene might be. He appeared out of nowhere and seemed to have Dexter in his crosshairs, first having asked him for help with his serial killer video game, then messing around with Ice Truck Killer evidence. It wasn’t clear if Louis was out to get Dexter or just attract his attention, but there sure seemed to be something more to his actions than simply being a weirdo.

Last season, a commenter noted that Louis might be Dexter’s nephew — Brian Moser’s son — and I felt that was a pretty decent theory. It would’ve made for some interesting stuff for the series, going forward. Now, after this latest episode, we find that Louis’s purpose on the show was … well, pretty much nothing.

I won’t deny that I thought the thugs mistaking Louis for Dexter was pretty funny, but it ended with a bullet to the intern’s head — one he’s not going to recover from. But as I watched that scene unfold, I let out an audible “AW!” at Louis’s death, because it meant everything he’d been doing was really for nothing at all. Louis was just a creepy game programmer with a grudge, who was systematically pwned by Dexter’s retaliation. That’s it. Nothing more to see here.

Louis was just a creepy game programmer with a grudge, who was systematically pwned by Dexter’s retaliation. That’s it. Nothing more to see here.

What a disappointment. I would really love to know if there was initially more to Louis in the Dexter writer’s room at one point, and they decided to trash it all when they realized they couldn’t work it in with all the heavy stuff going on this season, and that they’d only have two seasons in which to use him. The whole thing really feels like an opportunity that was left on the cutting room floor, and Louis was instead killed off so we wouldn’t be distracted by him any more.

The only thing at this point that would be more disappointing than Louis being a nobody would be if Quinn never got closer to finding out the truth about Dexter. Though Quinn and Dexter have some sort of relationship now where perhaps Quinn sort-of owes one to Dexter, I’m not at all convinced he wouldn’t take him down the minute he found something more out about Dexter’s activities. And when he finds out that Deb knows about her brother? Hoo boy. There’s a very good chance Quinn will hear the name “Dexter Morgan” from his new Russian girlfriend; when that happens, watch out.

So, Dexter writers, please let this be the last time we see a good opportunity get wasted; it’ll make our theory making feel a lot less in vain.

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9 Comments on “Louis on Dexter: what a disappointment

  1. I agree I thought he would be Dexter’s greatest nemesis as stated by the producers what a disappointment.

  2. Was it ever explained why he sent the ITK hand to Dexter? I thought that meant that he knew something about Dexter’s connection to the ITK. In any case, I wasn’t disappointed with Louis’s departure. He was extremely annoying, and his comeuppance was both hilarious (the letter demanding a refund? Haha) and satisfying, though way too convenient. Deb is a great new source of tension this season, but right now I’m most interested in the mob boss. Could he provide the kind of nail-biting cat-and-mouse game that we have not enjoyed since Trinity? Maybe! So far, this season has been great – I’ve enjoyed the first three episodes more than all of last season combined.

      • You’re right. I forget because no one mentions it (except Deb once in a while). Why wouldn’t Masuka bring it up, for example when he caught Dexter looking in the box of ITK evidence? I’d think someone would say, “Man, I can’t believe that guy was your brother!” or “You must feel weird about seeing this hand again.”

        Regardless, I felt it was implied that Louis had some additional knowledge about Dexter’s activities as well as a personal connection to the ITK, so it does seem like the writers abandoned whatever they were planning to do with that character.

  3. I agree, it feels like the writers took the easy way out instead of further developing his character.

  4. I agree as well, I always assumed they were going to slowly build him up to be Dexter’s biggest adversary in their last season (kinda like a Dexter’s Moriarty), but then this season they suddenly turned him into a whinny kid… kind of annoying.
    Maybe they just came up with a better villain over their winter/spring break and so Louis had to go because he just served no more purpose.

  5. 100% completely, totally agree (and found your blog looking for some Louis timeline stuff for my own post about my disappointment, if you want to check it out – http://daniellestvaddiction.blogspot.com/2012/10/im-disappointed-in-you-dexter.html).

    From the moment Louis was introduced, his fascination with Dexter intrigued me. And it just got more interesting with the serial killer game and the hand. I thought for sure this would be the guy that would bring down Dex. And just like that, he’s gone.

    I hadn’t thought about Quinn’s almost finding out about Dexter in a while and I hope they do touch on that again, as you mentioned. I also think it is weird that we never talk about Quinn and Deb anymore – ummmm wasn’t he going to propose to her?

    – Danielle

  6. Honestly, I hated when they shot Louis in the head and killed him off. I thought his character had a lot more potential as did everyone else. Dexter’s retaliation was perfect though, couldn’t have been done better. Although I have a theory of some of the events that are to unfold. My theory of what’s to come involving Louis and his activity in Dexter’s life still continues. My theory is Debra, still on Dexter’s case, making sure he doesn’t kill Speltzer goes out to Dexter’s boat to look for clues. She finds a drop of blood that Ukrainians missed and gathers it for evidence. She gets it tested and finds out it belongs to Louis. She confronts Dexter, Dexter makes up some excuse for example “Louis and I went fishing a while ago and Louis cut himself on a hook. I must have missed a drop of blood.” A little hard to believe but it’s just an example and plus if it’s semi believable then Debra will have a hard time believing it. So she decides to check his car for evidence. Since Louis was in the back of Dexter’s car in episode 2 of the season then Debra will most likely find hair belonging to Louis. She’ll put things together and jump to the wrong conclusion. Not sure how Dexter will get out of that if he even does, but maybe when Debra runs the DNA evidence something will come up in Louis past that he was accused of murder or something. That’s my theory though.

  7. I loved the first couple of seasons of Dexter but the show really has gone down in quality. I’ve clung on hoping that Dexter would make a comeback. Deb uncovering Dexter’s secret and trying to unravel the enigma that was Louis, this season was surely what I had been waiting for.

    But then the writers decide to write off Louis. The best explanation for Louis’s actions leading up to his death – mere coincidence. Bravo! I should have thought of that.

    Honestly, I find Louis (the enigma with a hidden motive) so much more riveting than a gang leader on a vendetta.

    Will continue to watch Dexter…. who knows perhaps the writers have left some fragments of Louis that would more accurately justify his actions. His video diaries or perhaps some sort of demented temple of worship. Anything!!! :(