Game of Thrones third season will have many epic moments


‘Game of Thrones’ is poised to have some amazing moments in its third season. in this weeks’ Beyond the Wall, Bob and Ivey have a very spoilery conversation about those moments.


The countdown to the premiere of the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones continues to draw closer. Last week in Beyond the Wall, CliqueClack’s weekly column on all things Westerosi, Bob and I discussed several of the new actors joining the cast this season. From Riverun to Essos, George R. R. Martin’s world continues to expand with each new season.

Each of Martin’s books is filled with big moments, and Storm of Swords has some of the series’ biggest. This week, Bob and I are going to talk about the things we’re most looking forward to this season. Since show producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have indicated that the events of Storm will be spread out over more than one season, it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen this year.

As with each installment of Beyond the Wall, Spoiler Warnings are in effect. We’re discussing what’s going to happen this season from the perspective of readers of the books. Obviously that means we’re going to be referencing specific events from Storm of Swords and potentially the fourth and fifth books as well. If you don’t want to know what happens next, stop reading here.

Alfie Allen did incredible work last season and I think is poised to top that this year.

Ivey: Obviously, Storm of Swords has queued up some really crazy events likely to happen during this season. That being said, it is actually something that didn’t happen in Storm of Swords that I’m most looking forward to. One of the biggest reveals in A Dance with Dragons is that Theon Greyjoy was still alive, despite all of the evidence of his death in the previous books. Reading the tea leaves, it looks like we’re going to see Theon’s time in captivity this season and potentially the beginning of his time as the Bastard of Bolton’s … plaything.

Alfie Allen did incredible work last season – after existing primarily in the outskirts of the story in season one – and I think is poised to top that this year.

Bob: Perhaps. I agree, I’m excited to see what they do with Theon’s story, but I am not expecting to see much of him. I remember talking around this time last year, and we were trying to figure out how Jaime Lannister was going to be featured in season two. We were convinced that the writers wouldn’t leave him to his Clash of Kings role of guy in a cage. Well, how did that one turn out? He was barely in the show, and when he was, he was the guy in the cage. I’m hoping that we see more of Theon than I think we will this season, but I’m not convinced he’s going to play a very large part. It’s a shame, because as you said, Allen does a fantastic job with the character. I think he’s one of the characters that shines a lot brighter on screen than on the page.

Not to point out the obvious, but clearly there is one event that is far and away the one everyone in the know is looking forward to: the Red Wedding. No doubt it is going to be the climax of the season and completely knock the socks off those viewers who don’t know it’s coming. I’m particularly excited to see Roose Bolton go fully over to the dark side and pick up his mantle of grade A villain.

Ivey: Don’t get me wrong: I’m looking forward to the Red Wedding as much as the next guy … OK, that’s a lie. I’m not looking forward to it nearly as much as you are. I’ve never particularly cared for either Robb or Caitlyn(really dude, you can’t even spell her name? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that this was an autocorrect) Stark, and their fates were never a part of the story that I particularly cared for. Roose’s betrayal is important — though I’ve always liked the covert way Martin confirmed that the elder Bolton was in attendance, and that will obviously be lost on the show. I am also looking forward to the little things: how the Rains of Castamere is incorporated into the episode (I really like how they snuck it in again and again in the second season) and whatever the fate of Robb’s new wife will be. The Red Wedding is actually my least favorite wedding in Storm, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Purple Wedding in S3, nor Sansa/Tyrion’s — and why don’t they get a color?

There is a moment we’ll see this season that really kicks off one of the more interesting character arcs in the whole series. Jaime Lannister’s turn, that will begin this season, makes him one of the more fascinating characters in Westeros. And considering how the story has been compressed thus far, I have a feeling that Episode 7, ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair” will find Jaime loosing his hand to the Bear instead of to a sword.

Bob: That would disappoint me a bit. Vargo Hoat is one of the more despicable characters in the books, and I would love to see him on the show, taking the great Jaime Lannister’s hand, instead of some bear eating it off. We’ll have to see.

I think that what we’re seeing here is the simple fact that Storm of Swords is probably the best novel in the series to date.
I think that what we’re seeing here is the simple fact that Storm of Swords is probably the best novel in the series to date. I feel like I could rattle off four or five events that I am way more excited about than anything that happened in season two. Granted, not all of them are going to come this year, as the show splits the book into two halves (though it does look like all of Dany’s story is going to make it into this season, as the previews seem to show the burning of Astapor — good times!).

Ivey: I’m just hoping anything that happens with Dany’s storyline this season is an improvement over last season. There were definitely some good moments, but for the most part I found her story incredibly boring — killing Doreah probably didn’t help that fact. There is one moment that I hope will happen this season that I am looking forward to, just as I was looking forward to it last season. The only thing I really liked about Dany’s story after Game of Thrones was the introduction of Arstan Whitebeard — and his backstory — and his partner Strong Belwas. I think that Arstan will show up this season (Ian McElhinney has indicated he did film scenes this season), but I’m afraid Belwas might be a casualty.

Bob:  I’m a fan of Belwas, so I hope he shows up eventually, even if he’s late to the party. That seems to be something the producers are willing to do to balance their budget and the insane amount of characters in Martin’s universe. Arstan is way too important in A Dance with Dragons to leave out completely.

I agree there was probably a little too much “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS? URGH!” last season with Dany, but I thought the burning of Astapor was one of her brightest moments in the books, so I guess I’m looking forward to that too!

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