Should Michelle Obama get her own TV show?

Michelle Obama could rock reality TV

So, with Barack back in the White House, what’s next for his hardworking wife Michelle? In this week’s Clacking in Color, the fantastic column celebrating minorities in Hollywood, writer Jaylen Christie offers some suggestions for the First Lady! A reality TV show perhaps?


I’m going to have to get better about posting these Clacking in Color columns on their scheduled dates. Sorry, guys. Last week was a busy week if not a rather eventful one. So, did anyone hear about what went down last Tuesday night? It looks like Barack Obama is back in the White House! With this being a column celebrating ethnic diversity in Hollywood, I couldn’t be happier … however, we won’t get into that. Heck, this ain’t CNN. Instead, I want to talk about Barack’s smart wife, the delectable diva and sophisticated goddess known as Michelle Obama. Folks, I have a question.

Am I the only one who thinks she deserves her own TV show?

Now, wait … before you disagree with me, please hear me out … or read me out as it were. Statistics have shown and proved that Mrs. Obama’s approval rating is higher than her husband’s, and audiences seem to like her. The woman’s been everywhere — Ellen, The View, The Late Show with David Letterman and even Nickelodeon’s iCarly. It’s like I said in the column I wrote about Michael Strahan — some people just have talent and charisma. Obama is certainly one of those individuals. She seems made for TV.

That chick graduated from Princeton and Harvard. Hmph. Must be nice. I graduated after threatening to beat my professors with a spatula.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s educated. That chick graduated from Princeton and Harvard. Hmph. Must be nice. I graduated after threatening to beat my professors with a spatula. I joke. I kid. Still, I wouldn’t mind being treated to Obama on my TV screen. So, what kind of show would be the right vehicle for her? Now, that I do know. I mentioned in a piece that I wrote on VH1’s tacky reality shows, that I’d love to see her on a reality miniseries that is different from others. Heck, if Sarah Palin can get one then Obama certainly can, right? I have a feeling it would be interesting.

And perhaps even motivational.

I’ll be honest with you — I’ve always found Michelle Obama to be an inspiration. I’ve never been a political person. I’ll tell you that right now. However, Obama has certainly been an active First Lady, and I appreciate that. She could have spent her days lounging around in the White House being brought simmering tea and challenging crossword puzzles. Instead, she’s been just as active as her husband which I find incredible. I’d like to see her day to day life. What makes her tick? What keeps her going? Who picks out those wonderful outfits that show off her arms?

I need answers, dammit! But seriously, I think a positive reality show could work for her — one that doesn’t have drama or backstabbing or he said-she said nonsense. I’d like to see her out and about spreading love and truth. My question is why hasn’t anyone else thought of this? I could certainly see a network such as TLC or A&E all over this kind of project. Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen. I think it would be great! A reality series focusing on positivity?

I guess that’s one way to keep things moving forward.

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7 Comments on “Should Michelle Obama get her own TV show?

  1. The show should be called, “Upside Your Head”, where Michelle discusses topics of the day with Erik Erikson, Pam Teller, Glen Beck, Ann Romney (those folks that live in an alternate reality). When the guest says something that has no bases in fact, a robot arm comes out of it the set and smacks ‘em upside the head. At which point Michelle offers them a chance to recant or face further swats from the robot arm. First Lady highjinks at it’s finest.

    • Um, maybe. lol You certainly have a vivid imagination, Otto. Well, if the reality show idea doesn’t happen, I trust we’ll see Michelle on late night as a guest on Jay Leno or David Letterman. She’s such a cool lady. Barack chose well!

  2. I love the idea and I think she would be great as a motivational speaker with her own reality show. She has the natural chops for it, let alone the beauty to carry it off.

  3. Michelle dosent need a reality show, just being the first black first lady is reality enough. People expose there everday life with reality shows and if she gets upset there call her a mad black woman. Michelle obama its way to classy for that. She has a job already thats being the U.S first lady, no need for stupid unclassy reality shows. I mean how stupid do you think she is. People cant stand that we have a black woman in the white house so they would find anything to do to find her flaws. I I love you michelle obama keep your head up and dont let the media bother you.

    • Well, I guess I see your point, but what I wanted was a reality show that focused on positivity. Make no doubt about it — Michelle Obama oozes positivity and I think the world could use a bit more of that. I don’t think she’s stupid at all. I think she’s awesome! She’s smart and capable — hence the reason I wrote the column. :-)

  4. Um…I’m gonna have to disagree with this one, man. Too much stuff is reality TV nowadays and Felicia nailed it when she said that Michelle being the first lady is reality enough. Producers and many others look for drama when it comes to reality shows, whether there is drama or not and Michelle Obama and her family would not be the exception–especially seeing that they are the first family–a black first family. Any issue that America faces would come to the show and that would be a supreme headache. Anyway you cut it, drama would be implanted. The first family should rise above that kind of attention…late night shows and an appearance on iCarly is fine and that stretched it a little as many have labeled the Obamas rock stars. We’re talking about leading the country here, not showbiz. LOL.

  5. NO! Do not even bring up giving a FIRST LADY a damn TV show. She is not part of the Jersey Shore, she is not Dr. Phil and she is not Oprah. I think we need to hold a little bit more respect for Mrs. Obama, she does not need to be wasting her time on public broadcasting in the middle of the day. She has more important things to do!