Reasons why season 6 of True Blood will be hard to sink my teeth into


With the recent casting news that English actor Rob Kazinsky has signed on to play a new faerie love interest for Sookie Stackhouse in Season 6 of ‘True Blood,’ I think my lacking enthusiasm for Season 5 will likely carry over into next season. Why do the writers continue to stray further away from the books I love?


I realize HBO’s popular series True Blood has been straying further and further away from the popular Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris that inspired it, but the show’s recent announcements about next season have given me very little to look forward to. Like many other fans, I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth after the lackluster Season 5, and I think Season 6 will be even more difficult to sink my teeth into. I can’t help but ask the question do the writers even care about continuing on anymore because it feels like they keep making one bizarre choice after another. Here are but a few of the reasons I think Season 6 might spell the end of the series soon:

With such a rich tapestry of Harris characters to choose from, why do the show’s writers think they can best her with characters of their own creation?

Reason #1: Why do they keep creating new characters not from the books for us to follow so many zany plots?
While I’ll admit Rob Kazinsky is cute and will undoubtedly offer a sexy British accent, I don’t understand why his character was created at all, nor do I understand the creation of the mysterious Warlow. With such a rich tapestry of Harris characters to choose from, why do the show’s writers think they can best her with characters of their own creation? Many fans have long criticized the show for having too many characters and subplots to follow along with. I’ll admit it does get a bit confusing and a tad boring at times trying to keep up with everybody. Sure, everyone has their favorites and other characters they could do without. I’ve even heard of people fast-forwarding through certain characters’ storylines completely.

Reason #2: Some are not going to like less emphasis on vampires next season.
Personally, I enjoy that they have incorporated all the various supernatural entities from the books onto the show. From the vampires and witches to the shape-shifters, weres and faeries, it’s a mixed bag offering appeal to many. I’m not bothered by the fact that it’s no longer vampire-centric or even that Sookie can’t pick a suitable mate and stick with him for more than five minutes. Anybody who’s read the books knows that’s half the fun.

Reason #3: Will Sookie date this new character all season instead of Bill, Eric or even Alcide?
Whether you sit on the dedicated Bill side of the fence or would fervently sell your soul to the devil in order to go to bed with Eric, the Sookie-Eric-Bill love triangle is undoubtedly what many female fans tune in for. But if you’ve read the books, you know that Sookie herself is repeatedly torn between the two vampires and yet still manages to find time to tempt and/or date numerous other hopefuls throughout the series (Alcide Herveaux being one of those hopefuls many also hold out for).

I think I’m most disappointed that Quinn likely won’t be making an appearance this season either.

Reason #4: What about Quinn?
One of the biggest characters from the books that has yet to appear on True Blood is Sookie’s were-tiger boyfriend Quinn. I think I’m most disappointed that Quinn likely won’t be making an appearance this season either. He is such a powerful, sexy character and I would really like to see him brought to the screen. I picture a bald Billy Zane or maybe even a Vin Diesel portraying him. (Although really I have to say the thing I hope for most on the show or in the books is a Sam-Sookie romance, or at the very least, a steamy Sam-Sookie hook-up. After the last book, my hopes for this happening are now higher than ever.)

Reason #5: The Vampire Authority & Lilith made Season 5 so-so, so what’s left to look forward to?
Last season was hard to swallow because of the Vampire Authority and the Blood of Lilith buzz kill and then the writers had to toss in all of the bizarre, Cirque du Soleil faerie elements on top of that. I think they made the faeries too surreal and innocent-looking because they can be even more ruthless than the vampires when they want to be. In the books, the faeries do perhaps more damage to Sookie than all of her other enemies combined.

Maybe it’s because it’s getting colder outside and I’m getting crankier about winter approaching, but I’m just not anticipating much about next season. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject. What are you looking forward to or not looking forward to next season? Will you continue to watch the series no matter how cheesy or complicated it gets? Who do you think Sookie belongs with in the end?

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18 Comments on “Reasons why season 6 of True Blood will be hard to sink my teeth into

  1. I mostly agree overall. I can’t see Bill really redeeming himself after wandering off to the dark side (again). I at this point see the show and books as two separate entities. I’ll watch the show til they kill off or remove Eric though since he was the whole reason I even got interested in the franchise XD

    I’m also disappointed at how much they blatantly ignore parts of the books for their own writing. Which is worse every time I have to say. I think season 6 will be the last season regardless, as far as I knew it was as far as many as the actors were signed for. Unless thats changed in the last couple months.

    • I was under the impression that they renewed it from season to season, but if they ever killed off Eric, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would stop watching! :)

  2. I’m not sure that many fans tune in for the love triangle, most people I talk to are only interested in Sookie getting together with Eric again. I can’t stand Bill and I don’t think he has a chance of being the HEA in the books or that Sookie is “torn” between the 2 vamps in the books, I think she made up her mind several books ago which vamp was for her (i.e. the blonde one). If this guy Ben is a new love interest on the show that will suck, but I’ll wait and see, I’m still hopeful for Sookie and Eric next season.

    • I think the series could be more interesting if Eric continues to be Sokkie’s love,and also the change of charecters should not be frequently as it impacts negatively on us since we are used to the old interesting characters. I think the writers should stick to the original script.

  3. I agree with you as well. The books are way better and have great characters. The show is so far off that there isn’t a way to even bring the stories back around to even kind of walk parallel to each other. The idea of Sookie having a fae love interest is boring. Bill has fallen off the deep end. The show is so disjointed it is hard to get excited about it, hard to watch it. I feel like I’m going schitzo because it bounces from story line to story line that aren’t connected.

    One thing I like about the show versus the books is Lafayette is still around. What I liked about season 5 is Tera is finally bearable to watch.

  4. This article is stupid. Why are you people so hung up on the books, when like you aid the series is BASED on the books, not a complete copy so just shut up and stop complaining how things in the show aren’t exactly the same as in the book. I for one enjoy the exciting twists in every characters’ story arc and I look forward to season 6.

    • Finally someone who agrees with me!! Everywhere I look people are always moaning that ‘the tv series strays too far away from the books’ I like both the books and the tv series for different reasons and imagine how boring it would make the tv series if it was exactly like the books! You’d know EVERYTHING that was going to happen, if they wanted it to be like that they would have made it into a film instead of a tv series. And im sick of people whinging about ‘when will Quinn be in the tv series’? He’s not even that interesting in the books, in fact i find him kind of annoying!

  5. Although I think all these points are valid reasons and I agree it is hard to imagine how season 6 could pan out to be a great season, I do want to say that when it comes to Bill and Lilith, I am not sure if we understand yet what really went on there and what Lilith really is/was and if ultimately Bill needs saved?

    I am also looking forward to Warlow and this “contract” Sookie is apart of and think that could be fun, while maye we could go deeper into Fae mythos!

    I whole heartedly agree about Quinn. It’s truly a shame and would love to see some ware-tiger action!

    I am not someone very disappointed with different directions from book to screen, but I do think we would benefit from taking more elements from them. Like Quinn, I also wish Amelia would show up too!

    • I figured they would add Amelia during Marnie’s season…it would have been logical, but when are the writers on this show ever logical?

      • They are logical because Amelia doesn’t even show up until book six… So why put her in season 4?????

  6. I would continue to watch it as long as they make the series

  7. Of all of the characters in the books, I’ve been desperate to see Desmon Catillades on the TV.

    The detachment from the lush books is a little disconcerting. I’ll watch the next season, or at least leave my TV on that channel while I work on homework, just to help with the ratings… but only because I hope that they’ll eventually get it right and introduce Desmond, Desmond’s niece, and Quinn.

  8. Ben’s original cc stated that he had a ‘dark, DARK’ side so I wouldn’t worry about him being a love interest for Sookie. Even if he is it won’t last very long because he’s got some kind of agenda where Sookie is concerned, ala Bill ‘beat Sookie to within an inch of her life’ Compton.

    As for Quinn, I think TB Alcide absorbed that character, agenda and all.

  9. Actually, Sookie did have a one night affair with a faerie called Preston in one of her Sookie Short Stories called Gift Wrapped…To be fair though, I have to wonder myself why they are over reaching for plot lines when they have more than enough to work with from all the books. They don’t have to follow the books in a straight line. I am hoping the ten episodes will force the writers to stream line a bit and have a more cohesive storyline.

    • I was going to mention that fact about her dating a faerie but didn’t. I really liked that character in the short story and always wanted to see more done with him in one of the books…he seemed interesting in his own right. I guess I was disappointed that if they were going to incorporate a faerie love interest why they didn’t make it him.

      I’m not saying I wish they would follow the books in a complete straight line. I understand the series is a separate entity and books and tv/film are never quite the same but I enjoy them all as different formats and adaptations (and really it’s not as if these books are the most serious tomes to begin with, just lighthearted supernatural fun). I just wish they’d follow them a little bit more in regards to the plots and characters. For my tastes, the series seems to go up and down and all around quite a bit. I liked the first, third and fourth seasons, but found season 2’s interpretation of the minotaur a bit lacking (Mary Ann was really annoying) and season 5 just bored me.

  10. I’m not saying to follow the books in a straight line either, but to be honest, the only new character that I like thus far is Jessica and she stuck in my craw for a while…But yeah, they don’t have to go that far afield to make a good story line…There is plenty to glean from the books and the short stories.

  11. I like Jessica too…I also didn’t mind that they didn’t kill off Lafayette. He cracks me up on the show! I have to say I like Jason’s character better on the show than in the books, but I would have to agree with the others that I prefer book Tara over show Tara although last season she was less annoying as a vamp.

    • I agree with that… When I saw season one I was surprised because some of the characters are nothing like what I expected them to be..