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Who should be Bones’ permanent assistant?

The Interns of Bones

As season five of Bones draws ever nearer (Thursday, September 17th, according to our 2009-10 calendar) there’s one primary question that needs to be answered: who will becomes Bones’ permanent assistant?

After Zack decided go nutso at the end of season three, Bones and the other Squints have had to deal with a small cadre of interns who have tried to live up to Mr. Addy’s qualifications (except the deranged killer thing). While there was no true front-runner at the end of season four, and it looks like season five will continue with the Intern-Go-Round, we can always speculate on who would be the best fit for Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Clark Edison — Clark has been around the longest — since the season three premiere. This gives him the advantage of working the most with the team. He has the knowledge, and, as Bones said when trying to make a final intern decision, he’s the most astute. The only problem with him is his social skills, which are this side of a brick. He refuses to take part in the informal conversations of the other Squints, making him either the strongest or weakest candidate.

Daisy Wick — Daisy is probably the least likely candidate to be made permanent. Her kiss-ass, idolizing attitude toward Dr. Brennan is very off-putting, causing her to be fired twice. Perhaps some influence by her boyfriend, Dr. Lance Sweets, can change the tide.

Vincent Nigel-Murray — My personal favorite to be picked. Deemed by Bones as the most intelligent, Vincent has the super ability of spewing out useless facts of information during murder investigations. Turns out, these nonsensical items are Vincent’s way of coping with the vast pressures of the job. These have been reduced as of late, making him a better intern. Plus, he has a British accent — always a plus.

Wendell Bray — Out of all the interns, Wendell is my least favorite. This is due to his, um, normalcy. Where the other interns have their share of quirks, Wendell is downright dull when working amongst Bones and the Squints. Granted, Temperance thinks he has potential, and Booth likes his normalcy. He may have an outside chance.

Colin Fisher — At first, Colin was my least favorite. His constant pessimism about his own skills and his drab life were more sad than funny. However, Mr. Fisher has grown on me and I’ve enjoyed his other appearances. That doesn’t mean that he’s at the top of my list; yet, I would probably pick Wendell over Colin.

And now, the underdogs

Scott Starret – You might not remember Scott as he was an early intern in the rotation. Played by Michael Badalucco, Scott was the best intern and should have been considered right there and then as Zack’s permanent replacement. Obviously, the producers of Bones went the whole ‘Round Robin Intern’ concept, which took Scott out of the running. However, should they ever decide to end that concept, and Badalucco is available, well….

Zack Addy — I know there are many fans of the young Dr. Addy out there, and they won’t like the statement that Zack shouldn’t return as Bones’ assistant. By the time he went to the Other Side, Zack was even more Spock-like than Temperance is on a normal day. The Squints need someone to balance Dr. Brennan’s anal-retentativeness; Zack is not that person.

So, what do you folks think? Who should become Bones’ new intern?

Who should be the the new intern on Bones?

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4 Responses to “Who should be Bones’ permanent assistant?”

September 13, 2009 at 7:11 PM

Vincent Nigel-Murray has always been my favorite for exactly the same reasons you spelled out, plus I also am afflicted with the ability to remember seriously trivial things. I’m nothing like Nigel-Murray, I just seem to remember all the useless stuff and forget the important things like my phone number or where I left the car.

Colin has grown on me, too, and I think he would be my second, but I have to agree with you that had they just brought in Baladucco as Scott Starret and never started any “rotation” things would’ve been just peachy.

September 14, 2009 at 1:59 PM

Maybe I accidentally posted my response in one of your other Bones’ posts, but my vote is for all of them on the continuing rotating schedule, as they’ve all worked a way in my cold, cold heart, sans Daisy (unless they find a way to work Zack back in minus the crazy & minus the permanent jazz hands).

September 16, 2009 at 2:00 PM

There was also Mr. Vaziri, the devout Muslim who was in a couple of episodes.

I’d go for Mr. Nigel-Murray myself, though I seem to recall reading that the actor’s availability will be limited this year.

October 26, 2009 at 2:45 PM

I have to go for Zack, but only if they are able to build a authentic story for him coming back…for example they could use the fact that Zack admit to Sweets the he never killed anybody…

But since this is just wishful thinking I´d go for Vincent Nigel-Murray or Colin Fisher, I guess.