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Gossip Girl – Hookers

- Season 3, Episode 8

gossip girl 3x08

I love how everyone on Gossip Girl tonight was basically dealing in human trafficking: either they were selling themselves, or selling out everyone else. Although, I guess that could pretty much be said for every episode of Gossip Girl– they just spelled it out for us this time.

Today is election day all over this great land of ours, so this episode is especially timely. Gossip Girl can hardly be accused of realism, but I really enjoyed what they did with the election storyline. America loves a good hero, and it seems as though New York, especially, has a local hero about every week.

But enough about heroes. Let’s talk about hookers– and how Serena is totally a big one.

Blair was spot-on in her assessment of Serena: if you get paid to date someone, you’re kind of a prostitute. At the very least, you’re an escort, and everyone knows that there’s a fine line to accompanying someone to dinner and offering him dessert. While it seemed as though she realizes this at the end, in the very next scene she’s sidled up to a hotel bar, sipping a martini, looking for all the world like a high-class hooker. Although the way Trip was talking to her makes it look as though Serena may be making the leap from “hooker” to “mistress who helps bring down a promising political career.” She really should probably just go to college.

Speaking of which, I kind of wish the actual college call-girl would have stuck around for a little bit longer. Since she’s actually a student at NYU, perhaps she could have led to something interesting actually happening there, instead of the school just being used as a background prop. However, having her around would raise all sorts of ethical and social issues, and that’s not why we watch Gossip Girl. We watch Gossip Girl to see Blair Waldorf get thrown into a cake.

We also watch Gossip Girl to see Jimmy Fallon. Wait, what? This guy is everywhere right now. First he’s on 30 Rock, and now Gossip Girl? I’m confused though. His appearance on 30 Rock makes sense: his show is also on NBC. CW, however, is owned by CBS, so how and why did they have Olivia appear on Fallon? I get why Letterman wouldn’t have worked, but what about Craig Fergusen? Because that would have been hilarious.

In any case, she totally sold Dan out and told an embarrassing story about him on Fallon. I’m glad that this didn’t lead to some stupid blow-up between these two, because I actually like them as a couple. I especially enjoy how Dan is somewhat making his own life at NYU, and is separating himself from Serena and Blair, because the Serena/Dan breakup/hookup cycle is almost as tiring as the Serena/Blair best friends/enemies cycle that they’re refusing to let die. I’m just hoping we’ve seen the last of all of it.

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