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Fringe – Olivia is back!

Olivia found her way home, but things are definitely not nice and tidy with the alternate universe. I can only hope it means more is on the way.

- Season 3, Episode 8 - "Entrada"

Yes, I do feel the need to continue to be smug about my belief that, all along, Peter did not know Fauxlivia was the alternate. I had too much faith in him and his integrity to think he’d “take one for the team” and act as if all was well just to reach the endgame. Once he had her number, there was no mistaking the view. Gloat! Gloat, gloat. Like Walter said, “…she tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda!” Classic.

I still stand by how much I enjoy the alternate universe. The characters there that we’ve come to know — Charlie, Lincoln, Broyles and Astrid — are lovely people. They seem not only interested in saving their universe, but in doing so with a moral compass. Walternate and the scientists are hardened and Fauxlivia, well, Fauxlivia is a cold-hearted bitch. Everyone else who came in contact with Olivia took to her and her good heart. My most beloved alternate, Broyles, lost his life to protect Olivia and the hope she had for both universes.  When Olive walked back into her world’s Fringe Division and Lincoln showed her his healed face, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would fit in any longer. How could they continue to work with such a lost soul when they have seen who she could be?

It also never dawned on me that alternate Astrid was autistic. But it seemed pointedly clear when she showed her grave concern over Broyles after talking with his wife. Kudos again to the incredible team of actors working on Fringe. That they continue to maintain such separate character personalities and quirks has made this story such a success. Anna Torv, once again, showed the range I thought was lacking when Fringe first aired. She made the switch from pretending to be Olivia back to plain Olive leaving no doubt it had occurred. That I can like the same actress in one role and dislike her in the other on the same show seems ridiculous, and yet makes it all work.

Even though I knew in my heart Olivia would come to no harm, when she was encased in that hospital bed and the little buzz saw started whirring, it made my skin crawl. Nope, we don’t want to lower her heart rate at all or else we might damage the organs we want to save. Say what?! So she’s encased in plastic, unable to see what is happening but able to hear and feel. That is truly the stuff of which nightmares are made.

I was so happy that Olivia made her way home using the same tank where she first experienced sensory deprivation when trying to connect with John Scott. Everything fell into place. Admittedly, I wanted to see Fauxlivia melted on the floor of the transport vehicle, but should have realized it was Broyles when Peter told him to stand back. Seeing a character I fell for so deeply perish is just no fun at all.

Olivia has no idea what has taken place while she was gone, and much like Dan on Hellcats, I don’t think Peter’s sincere heart will allow him to keep the truth from her for long. Trying to get her life back and finding out someone else has been living it will really test Olivia’s resolve. Even Fauxlivia will most likely be surprised the others were so easily duped. Both universes have undergone such great change due to the exchange of Dunhams; I think we’ll be in for a real treat during the second half of season three. Friday’s will not beat us down. Bring it on!

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7 Responses to “Fringe – Olivia is back!”

December 3, 2010 at 12:08 PM

I am certainly going to miss the Alt Universe characters. Too bad they can’t still do the over here, over there episodes and show what life is like over there now that alt Olivia is back. It would be interesting to see what the other characters see and maybe, with what happened between her and Peter had some sort of effect on her.

December 3, 2010 at 3:36 PM

I have a feeling we might still have a few “over there” episodes left.

Pete is a dumbass… wow! if the future of two universes rest in his hands we are all screwed!

I was kind of hoping Olivia would die and Bolivia, would switch sides, I figured that would be a shocking end.

Vagenda should be word of the year.

If Olivia is needed to go between worlds then how did Bolivia make it back here? Did William Bell send them back?

Plus if all Olivia needed to get back was a tank of salt water couldn’t she just jump in the ocean?

December 3, 2010 at 3:58 PM

Here’s what I figured out. I may be completely off. The embedded tracking devices in the alternates (that Boyles shows Olivia in the cell) must be the way they send people back and forth. They looked a lot like the things that Walter was banging and talking about hearing a “b” tone…and then the truck rattled, and Fauxlivia disappeared and poor, alternate Broyles was sent in her place. They must have figured out he was helping Olivia and put an end to him.

Re the tank…Olivia has previous experience in sensory deprivation, and that’s why I think it was “easy” for her to lay back and just make it happen. We would have been less successful.

That’s my take. :-)

December 9, 2010 at 4:51 PM

Finally, someone else questioning! I am with you, even if she was able to jump in the water, I do not understand how Olivia came back without the tuning rods, a rift / rumble / quake or light flash, like the alternative Olivia had? Also if the alternate universe needed a body to swap their Olivia with where was the other one? I would love someone to enlighten me as it’s frustrating me at the moment despite thoroughly enjoying the show!

December 9, 2010 at 5:07 PM

Hi Tracy! Actually, the reason Walternate wanted to study Olivia is because of her ability to travel between the worlds without needing a gizmo. It’s something that was done to her and the other test subjects by Bill & Walter.

It’s also possible that they just sent over Broyles to get rid of him, and not that they “needed” to send a replacement body. I guess we’ll find out more tonight! Yay!

December 3, 2010 at 6:16 PM

I just love fringe…

December 4, 2010 at 12:47 AM

You have every right to be smug about your assertion that Peter was duped. I, on the other hand, just *knew* that Peter was wise to the switcheroo. I really gave him too much credit and I’m somewhat disappointed that someone so intelligent, someone who’s done a lot of deceiving and shady deals in the past could be blinded by a vagenda of all things.

I agree with Oreo that “Vagenda” should be word of the year. I nearly fell out of my comfy chair laughing at Walter when that word flew out of his mouth.

Best damned show on TV and so many people are missing it. Here’s hoping that Fringe can pull an X-Files on Fridays and live for many years to come.