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Quotation Marks – Leverage, Suits, and True Blood

Take a look back at the week in quotes, as the Clique offers up our favorites of the week. If we missed yours, share it in the comments!

Quotation Marks   Leverage, Suits, and True Blood [The Leverage Team returns 425x266] (IMAGE)

Summertime, summertime sum-sum-summtime? More like: “Cabletime, cabletime, ca-ca-cabletime.” Are you enjoying the summer programming, thus far?

Leverage (Review)

“It’s like a danger cupcake with murder icing.” – Hardison

“Let’s go steal a mountain.” – Nate
“Again.” – Parker
“Huh?” – Nate
“We already stole a mountain. Two years ago.” – Parker

True Blood (Review)

“Decapitating Barbie dolls. What the hell kind of baby does that?” – Arlene

In Plain Sight

“I think I want to adopt Vic.” — Marshal
“He has parents Marshal. Plus, two nerds don’t make a right.” — Mary

Burn Notice (Review)

“Yeah, well that man doesn’t focus unless an international conspiracy is threatening to ruin his life.” — Fiona

Suits (Review)

“Wrong, that’s the adult table in there and you haven’t earned the privilege yet.” – Harvey
“But, I played air hockey with him.” – Mike

“Ball’s in your court.” – Louis standing naked in front of Mike

“You think I should take it?” – Wyatt
“I think you should tell them to shove it up their ass.” – Harvey

“But now that she’s getting a divorce, my policy no longer applies. And of course, she’s free to date whoever she pleases, and she pleases me. Enjoy your evening, Donald.” – Harvey

“Look, sometimes when someone pulls a gun on you, instead of bullets, it’s filled with blanks.” – Harvey

Masterchef (Review)

“That is so ghetto-delicious, that’s awesome.” — Joe Bastianich about an instant-espresso whipped cream

The Voice (Review and Review)

“If music was crack, you’d have a serious problem.” — Blake Shelton to Beverley McLellan after her solo performance

“I’m going to attempt to give Cee Lo a hug, but I’m terrified.” — Carson Daly

Wilfred (Review)

“Nothing says thank you like vegan tofu wraps.” — Jenna to Ryan

Futurama (Review)

“Since Bender’s death, requests to bite one shiny metal ass are down 98%.” — Hermes

“#1 most viewed show among viewbots.” — Titlecard

“Care to say a few words, son?” — Mayor Poopenmeyer
“Um, heroes don’t do drugs … except Drugman, I guess.” — Fry

“All I know is, I’ve got a ghost that needs busting.” — Fry
“Who you gonna call?” — Hermes
“Gho–” — Fry
“The number you have dialed has been lame since 1989.” — automated phone message

“Now that’s he’s gone, I realize how valuable a robot life can be when it belongs to my best friend.” — Fry
“That’s the closest thing to ‘Bender is great’ that anyone besides me has ever said!” — Bender

“I am pleased to welcome you to robot heaven.” — The Robot Almighty
“Shut up, God!” — Bender

Virgin Diaries

Mad Men (Entry)

“I was a model, you know.” – Betty (Yes, Betty, we’ve got the picture at this point)

“Every commercial block on air in the land of Lincoln is clogged up with … laxative buys.” – Cooper

“This place reminds me of a czarist ministry. No matter what the decision, you don’t feel it was yours.” – Menken

Torchwood (Entry)

[after Owen jumps off the dock] You were watching?” – Owen
“Skinny guy in tight jeans runs into water? I was taking pictures.” – Jack

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