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Torchwood – Categorization is compulsory

Torchwood's search for those behind immortal life costs the team its first casualty. Will this first death be the last?

- Season 4, Episode 5 - "The Categories of Life"

When we talked to John Barrowman at Comic-Con, he talked about how this episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, “The Categories of Life,” would be the one that would stick with fans. He made that statement in the context of talking about sex scenes, Jack and Gwen’s relationship, and Jack’s backstory. Apparently it wasn’t the context that was relevant, but just the haunting events of the closing minutes.

My first thought, when Rex discovered the true purpose of the module, was that it actually made some sense; then I instantly wondered if that thought made me a sociopath. But if these category one folks are truly irrecoverable, then their incineration is a logical option. The problem isn’t that solution, it is the thought process that occurs on route to that solution, and we saw exactly how slippery the slope could get with the death of the doctor (No, not that Doctor). If you have the power to “decide” if someone is alive or dead, how much different is that from the outright murder Maloney committed.

Vera Juarez, we hardly knew ye. Even though Arlene Tur and Lauren Ambrose aren’t regular cast members, I expected them both to be around in the end. Thus, Juarez’s death was unexpected. I doubt, though, it will carry with it the emotional impact to the audience that the writers might have planned. That impact will be felt by one Rex Matheson; even if he didn’t love Tur, I think he’s enough of a stand-up guy to feel responsible for what happened to her. Unless he just blames “worthless Esther.”

There was something about her and Jack’s walk on the beach that reminded me his and Gwen’s relationship in the early seasons. Barrowman talked about how the relationship that he starts in Miracle Day would reveal to fans a lot about how he thinks. My theory was that the relationship he was referring to would somehow be Oswald Danes, as unlikely as that may have been. But Jack and Esther cut a pretty figure, so who knows?

I am absolutely loving Ambrose’s Jilly Kitzinger. She brings this giddiness to the character that is incredibly refreshing. She was built for this moment, helping a man become a monument. The question becomes, then, is she aware just how in bed with evil she is? I don’t think so, but I’m going to enjoy finding out.

It looks like the curtain might finally being pulled back on the mysterious men behind the miracle. The character that Teddy Sears is playing was named in the credits as Blue Eyed Man. After his conversation with Kitzinger, between seeing that name and the people-ovens in the modules … thoughts of Nazi Germany immediately came to mind. The people who were neglected in the San Pedro camp were the ones Maloney said were without insurance. Is the miracle, at its very core, another attempt to “cleanse” humanity?

Notes & Quotes

  • Gwen and Rhys really are cute together, aren’t they? I’m not sure who could have ever thought he was an unnecessary, annoying character (Oh, that was me? … Oops.)
  • I’m not sure Gwen can say PhiCorp without a qualifying “bloody” in front of it.
  • Loved, loved, loved Jack sending Rex off with the paramedics in style.
  • The triage doctor’s, “Category Two, Rhymes with Blue” statement really brought to mind “Two by Two, Hands of Blue” … Was I the only one?
  • “We got a line on Hillary that I’m feeling really good about.” – Maloney
    “Hillary Clinton?” – Vera
    “Duff … Hillary Duff.” – Maloney

Torchwood To live and die in LA [51kcmZ4hjwL. SL160 ] (IMAGE)  Torchwood To live and die in LA [51mOC aE5%2BL. SL160 ] (IMAGE)

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4 Responses to “Torchwood – Categorization is compulsory”

August 6, 2011 at 5:02 PM

@Torchwood4Fans was nice enough to point out that it was likely that John Barrowman meant Episode 7 when he said Episode 5 during our interview.


August 6, 2011 at 10:20 PM

I really, really liked Vera. I’m almost as ticked off as I was when they killed off Ianto in COE. I’ve got the feeling that even worse is to come.

August 6, 2011 at 10:21 PM

Oh, Alex, I couldn’t disagree more. I haven’t really harped on it much, but she was one of the worst additions this year. I’d take Jilly and Esther over here any day of the week, and thrice on Sunday.

August 7, 2011 at 9:44 AM

Well, to each his own. When I heard someone would go this episode, I was really hoping for either Esther or Rex. I saw Vera as a strong, capable character and a good addition to the team.

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