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Haven is freaking awesome!

Last week, ‘Haven’s’ second season came to a close. From start to finish, they gave us an awesome ride. I’m looking forward to season three. How about you?

- Season 2, Episode 12 - "Sins of the Fathers"

Haven is definitely one of SyFy’s blockbuster original series. Although season one gave us a lackluster first half, the writing, acting, and special-effects all improved by season one’s finale. Last year, Carissa and I reviewed the finale and interviewed producer Charles Ardai.

This season, they upped the star power, the budget, the writing, and the action by ten. I really enjoyed Jason Priestly as Audrey’s charmingly troubled boyfriend; former WWE wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland as the town’s troubled trouble-fixer; and Tahmoh “Helo” Penikett as Duke Crocker’s troubled hating father.

All of the actors kicked it major league. Lucas Bryant portrays Nathan’s vulnerable toughness with his normal, acting excellence. Emily Rose‘s Audrey developed from last season’s scrappy action hero. Season two’s Audrey grows increasingly distant while uncovering her buried secrets. Eric Balfour plays the gangly shyster, Duke Crocker, with 150% believability; he carries his frame as bar-fight ready. THIS season’s Duke I totally believe had a difficult childhood and NEEDS the multiple hidden firearms. I thank the producers for ceasing to use Balfour as eye candy.

Story-wise, this season rocked the house. Everything proved incredibly tight, compact and well-plotted. I didn’t have a bad comment or lose thread to pick. Kudos to Executive Producers John Morayniss, Noreen Halpern and David MacLeod. Writing-wise, Gabrielle Stanton, Nora Zuckerman, Lilla Zuckerman, Annmarie Morais, Matt McGuinness, Jonathan Abrahams, Sam Ernst, and Jim Dunn all did excellent jobs on this season’s scripts.

I loved season two’s well-constructed story points. The two Audreys melded so well I feared the show planned a switch-up, and I feared I would not complain. I loved Nathan, Duke, and Audrey’s strengthening yet fracturing relationships. The show’s tentative alliances all happened naturally without coercion. I enjoyed watching Audrey’s physical closeness with Duke while reading his father’s journal, and their slow separation upon realizing its implications. I loved the temporary match-up of the show’s two hot badasses.

I didn’t expect Audrey and Nathan to get together. Both actors emit such a casual friend vibe, I could’ve watched their platonic friendship for two more seasons. However, they also have a natural chemistry, which the show used well. In “Business as Usual,” I love that Audrey chose to confront Duke over running to Nathan after “real” Lucy’s revelations. That shows confidence on the writers’ parts. They assure us that the mystery will NOT take a back seat to Haven 90210.

I love that Haven maintained the intensity between Nathan and Duke as well as Audrey and Duke throughout the season. I like that the show never overplayed Audrey’s touch and its affect on Nathan. Yet, I squealed over the mutual “You’re not just my partner” confession. That phrase incorporates all shades of the love prism.

Honestly, Haven was good last year. But, this season, it became GOOD.

This season shed light on the first season’s plot points. Now I understand why all the “elder” Haven residents seemed so shifty. Now I know why Audrey’s FBI handler never met her at the office (including in the pilot). Now I know why the chief felt Nathan needed Audrey. Now I understand why Nathan no longer trusted Duke.

I am so looking forward to next season. I have so many questions I want answered. What happened to the first Audrey? Which side are Vince and Dave on?  What happened to Audrey’s FBI handler?  I loved the actors who played the Rev and the chief, will they continue to do cameos? Haven never shirked away from removing (or killing) major characters in season one. Will we actually see Duke die (or will they revive him five minutes later)? Is the real Audrey’s name Stephanie McCann?

Honestly, I’m almost sorry the fall has come and Haven has gone. I have SO much more to say. So, forget about Syfy’s Press Day down in Florida. For any of the parties involved in Haven’s production, including Syfy, Entertainment One, and Piller/Segan/Shepherd, I hope you bring bloggers up to visit the set. I love fiddling, lobsters and chilly summers. So, if you ever wonder who to invite, my bags are already packed.

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10 Responses to “Haven is freaking awesome!”

October 12, 2011 at 12:21 PM

Haven was awesome this season! I can’t wait for the renewal announcement, but I’m optimistic about a season 3. The writers were amazing, they gave us answers but they gave us more questions. Love Haven, it’s definitely better than any other show in SyFy.

October 12, 2011 at 1:26 PM

Que empiece YAAAAAAAA la 3ra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let’s start the 3rd nowwwwwwwwww!

October 13, 2011 at 1:02 AM

Ojala que it starts soon, also, Tomi!

October 12, 2011 at 1:31 PM

Hello my love!! I enjoyed this season immensely. I was really bummed they weren’t at Comic-Con (the individuals were, but I’m not “somebody” who got to chat with them). Do we know for sure they are getting another season?

I think of you every time I watch, and sincerely miss the opening song on Friday nights once its off the air. There is something so soothing about their opening. Weird.

October 12, 2011 at 9:18 PM

They just confirmed season three. But, I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas episode, as Michelle stated. I expect tons of adorable cuteness between the main trio (and the dynamic journalistic duo).

SyFy just had its press tour in Florida, but I really hope they invite bloggers up to Nova Scotia. Heck, I’ll even pay my own plane ticket :) I LOVE that area. So, to visit my favorite show and Canadian tourist spot is a two-fer :)

October 12, 2011 at 1:37 PM

I totally agree!! First season was good but rocky…this season was great!!
So happy it got picked up for a season 3. I hear we are getting a stand alone xmas episode as well!

October 13, 2011 at 5:46 AM

I hadn’t heard about the renewal. That’s great news, and well deserved by their steady, if small, ratings, and presumably low cost.

I didn’t think Chris Brody worked at all. Maybe if the Troubles were gone, they could have been a good, if slightly boring couple, but his overreactions to every Trouble that crossed their path, or to Audrey leaving him to seek it out, seemed to make him into the stereotypical cop’s girlfriend.

Last year I didn’t expect Audrey to get together with anyone in the end. Her partnership with Nathan works, and I appreciate that they didn’t draw it out for four seasons like other shows, but had the two jump in with both feet. They even both got prettied up for their first date.

I’m certain that the original Audrey was erased by the same people who erase Audrey/Lucy each time. She may simply have surprised them in the cabin.

I got the sense that Vince and Dave aren’t, and have never been on the same side. They seem to disagree on anything regarding how to handle the Troubles other than covering them up.

October 13, 2011 at 10:51 PM

Hey Ryan –

Agreed. I love how they took time to gussy up, despite covertly agreeing on the end result ;) Although they definitely erased Audrey in the way they erase everyone; I want to know if “original” Audrey will return. While Vince and Dave display the ‘keep your enemy closer’ mentality, I love the little glimpses beneath their seemingly easygoing surface. Although Vince seems more recalcitrant (considering he probably dated Lucy in the past, he’s probably on the troubled side). While Dave seemingly provides assistance, his information leads to anti-troubled artifacts.

October 14, 2011 at 4:18 AM

The writers are certainly, and deservedly, in love with Kathleen Munroe from the podcasts. They’d probably be happy to have O.G. Audrey back, if it worked for a storyline.

When Vince threatened Nathan’s birth father, he was truly menacing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brothers had had some violent fights when they were young. One of the more interesting theories I had read online was that Audrey is drawn to two men each time she returns to Haven: Nathan and Duke now, and Vince and Dave in a previous incarnation. That would probably work well with your impression of a dating history.

The brothers speak so guardedly, even when alone, that I still don’t know exactly what side they each support, just that they both opposed the Rev and worked well with Chief Wuornos.

I forgot to mention above that Edge’s Dwight is by far my favorite addition this season. Whether network-mandated or not, he truly works, as well as the obvious revelation that the Chief had a fixer about whom Nathan knew nothing. The episode with the Wendigo sisters revealed a surprising depth to both actor and character, and he was a very amusing partner for Duke in the finale.

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