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What the heck is Tyler up to on Revenge?

'Revenge' has been a suspenseful ride watching Emily's plan unfold each week, but a surprise twist is the story of Tyler. What is he up to?

While Emily’s intentions are clear on Revenge, the story of Tyler is becoming more mysterious each week. In my review, I’ve speculated that it wasn’t Daniel shot on the beach, but instead it was Tyler. I really have no reason to believe this other than I can’t believe — don’t want to believe — that Daniel will be killed off the show. Plus, why else would it have been pointed out so deliberately that they wear the same suit size.

Tyler is clearly a deranged and scary guy, who is willing to do anything to get what he wants. But, what is it that he is after? I asked some of my fellow Clackers what they think is up with Tyler. Is he in love with Daniel? Or, out for the money and power of the Grayson family? Could he be Conrad’s illegitimate child out for what is his?

Here’s what they think:

Ivey: I think that the previews for last week’s episode strongly implied the “Tyler loves Daniel” theme, but that was just creative editing. What they previewed didn’t represent at all what actually happened, something I truly hate.

I’m already tired of Tyler’s storyline. I was a fan of it when I thought that he harbored feelings for Daniel. However, if it turns out to be something like you’ve suggested, that he’s an illegitimate child of one of the Graysons’? Snoozefest.

Tyler is the only part about Revenge that I don’t like at this point. Everything else about the show works so well, but Tyler just falls flat

Brett: I agree with Ivey about the entirety of the Tyler storyline. The sooner he gets killed off, the better. That being said, I don’t think it has anything to do with Tyler having feelings for Daniel. The way he keeps trying to sabotage Daniel’s relationship with his parents suggests to me that Tyler is a con-man, and his big score is in replacing Daniel in the Grayson family. That’s why he shows up to take the internship … keeps trying to kick Daniel off the wagon … and why his story about his family’s vast wealth didn’t hold water when Emily applied the smallest bit of scrutiny.

Ivey: Oh, I’m not saying that there haven’t been hints and allusions to Tyler’s hypothetical crush along the way, but the previews last week cut together two scenes where it looked Tyler was going in for a kiss, and Daniel kicking Tyler out of bed. Turns out it was a drunken (or drugged, more properly) kicking Tyler away.

I agree with Brett (and Carla’s suggestions) that he’s just trying to move in on the Grayson fortune (either by blood or trickery). And, like Brett again, I could care less. Tyler is nowhere near as compelling of a character as everyone else we see each week.

Carla: I still think it is Tyler that was shot on the beach. Even more after last week when he put on Daniel’s suit and it fit perfectly.

Bob: Before the latest episode, I thought that Tyler had it bad for Daniel, but I might be changing my tune. It still seems like most of the trouble he causes surrounds getting Daniel away from Emily. I think that it’s clear that he’s lying about his background, as Emily called him out on at dinner. I think he’s going for a money grab, trying to take advantage, somehow, of the Graysons. Everything still seems cloudy right now, but I do agree with most of the group: Tyler is kind of annoying, and the storyline is pretty weak. Hopefully it has a good payoff.

What do you think Tyler is up to? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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One Response to “What the heck is Tyler up to on Revenge?”

November 28, 2011 at 11:22 PM

I’m not wild about the way Tyler’s character is being played, but I kinda like the way he’s just hanging out there confusing all of us for a while. He’s probably a child of one of the terrorism victims insinuating himself into the Grayson culture to get, if not revenge, his own remuneration. Like a weak, sociopathic version of Emily.