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Revenge – Love, sex and a porch swing!

This week's 'Revenge' had quite a few shockers! Who slept together and who died?

- Season 1, Episode 7 - "Charade"

Revenge gets crazier and crazier each week … in a good way! The format has shifted from Emily getting revenge each week and using her red sharpie across someone’s face to a suspenseful serial drama. The interwining of all the characters, their motivations, secrets and even a little romance has created the best new network show of the season.

In “Charade,” we finally find out the truth about several key characters and the truth is definitely not pretty on Revenge. Though not shocking, at least part of Tyler’s plan was revealed. His family is broke and he is trying to move in on the Grayson’s to restore his family’s wealth. I was a bit surprised he came clean with both Nolan and Ashley so easily, but I expect that is part of his plan.

The big shocker was that Nolan and Tyler ended up in bed together. Whoa! Did not see that one coming … at all! Sex is a great motivator, but also useful for blackmail. How will Nolan use the recording of their escapade? This twist of having Nolan and Tyler at odds was not something I saw coming, but has me more intrigued than anything with the Grayson family.

While I like the Nolan and Tyler dynamic, I couldn’t care less about Tyler and Ashley. The reveal that she too wants to make her own place in the exclusive Hamptons club is not a shock, but I’m not thrilled with the tone of her quest. She is not the sweet friend of Emily that I thought and wanted her to be. I understand wanting to have money and get ahead, but there is trying to achieve it through hard work and there is the more underhanded way that both Tyler and Ashley seem to be taking.

Even more shocking was that Frank found out the truth about Emily and Amanda. I didn’t expect that to happen until much later in the season. Is Frank dead? It could go either way given Lydia’s incredible survival, but perhaps a bit much for them both to escape death. Will we even find out what happened to him or will that be a mystery that hangs out there for now?

While Amanda’s secret is still safe for now, Victoria’s suspicions about Emily were confirmed. Hmm … what will she do with that information? Did she see Emily and Amanda on the porch from her balcony? They were all outside at the same time. Now that the real Emily is back, how will that change Amanda’s plan?

One part of Amanda’s plan is now clear — Daniel is not a target. I never really thought he was one, but he did seem to be a means to her revenge. Does Amanda really love Daniel? I thought so, but then while kissing Daniel, she made hand love to the porch swing! What was up with that? I truly think she is conflicted and has feelings for both Jack and Daniel. We know she ends up engaged to Daniel, but Jack is on the beach … how do they get there? I’m excited to find out.

What did you think was the biggest shocker of the episode? And, do you think Frank is dead? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments!

Odds and Ends

  • Amanda had help with her plan from Warden Stiles (CCH Pounder), I hope we get more flashbacks to find out that story.
  • Why does Nolan put up with Amanda? She is so mean to him. I’m guessing it is both because of his loyalty to David and his loneliness. With everything that Nolan has done for her, you’d think she wouldn’t be such a jerk to him.
  • “What’s a gay hustler doing posing as a Harvard student?” — Nolan
    “Gay? Eh. A hustler? Maybe.” — Tyler
  • Nolan is a 3 on the 6-point Kinsey scale — bisexual.
  • I like Declan and Charlotte together, but wow … Declan tells it how he sees it, doesn’t he?
  • After 25 years, Victoria throws Conrad out now? A little too convenient for the story.
  • Originally the engagement party and beach episode was going to take place during episode 13, with the full season pick-up that story has been pushed back to episode 15.
  • I have only one complaint about Revenge — the green screen shots. I hope that the production gets better on these. The scenes on Emily’s porch have been barely acceptable, but the Declan and Charlotte scene on the shore was horrible.


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3 Responses to “Revenge – Love, sex and a porch swing!”

November 4, 2011 at 10:01 AM

I am such a sucker for this show. I love it!

November 4, 2011 at 10:36 AM

Remember that Tyler often tells conflicting stories to different people. Whereas Nolan has the resources to check his background, Ashley has to take him at his word. He may never have had money at all.

Lydia at least landed on a car that deformed beneath her, rather than the pavement. I doubt that the parking lot asphalt gave much under Frank’s skull when Emily caved in the back of his head with the tire iron and left his body on the side of the road. Also, we got the blink from Lydia so it wouldn’t be a cheat, but none from Frank. I couldn’t take a Frank reappearance seriously, but I guess we’ll see from Lydia’s recovery how much this show veers toward soap as opposed to drama.

I still don’t believe Amanda has more than the slightest feelings for Daniel at all, much less love. Someone on another board equated gripping the swing’s hand rest in that manner to doing the same thing during painful dental work, which was my impression of its significance as well. I don’t know if it even has anything to do with Jack.

Declan was his version of polite until it was made clear to his face that Charlotte’s parents weren’t expecting him, and she seemed to invite him just to spite them. Still, he was content to stew until Amanda and Victoria discussed the part of the Times article about the “Fairy Tale Love Story,” reminding him of how much his brother was still hurting. Conrad then called the Stowaway a “dive bar,” which dovetailed into Declan being able to go off on both Amanda and Charlotte for using them. I did like that Charlotte chased him down to declare herself rather than letting him continue to think the worst, as so many other shows do.

You missed one groan-worthy quote: Amanda: “Whatever you’re doing [re: Tyler], keep it up.” Nolan: “Oh… I plan to. Sleep tight.”

The only thing I disliked was that we’ve had two episodes of enemies scoring little hits on a fairly passive Amanda. We need the occasional vicious reprisal, or at the very least, a glimpse into her wheels within wheels planning, to remind us how terrifying she can be.

November 5, 2011 at 4:25 AM

Well you never know because a couple of weeks ago there was the McDonald’s incident caught on film where the employee beat a customer during an altercation with a iron rod. The lady , fortunately survived with a fractured skull. I hope Frank isn’t dead.