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Homeland – Yep … it happened!

This week on 'Homeland,' lie detector tests are given to find the mole. Will they figure out who slipped Hamid the razor blade? And ... Brody and Carrie get closer!

- Season 1, Episode 6 - "The Good Soldier"

Let’s get the big shocker out of the way first. Actually, I called it a few episodes ago, but actually seeing it on the screen — shocking. Carrie and Brody f**ked! I tried to find another word to use, but nothing else quite reflected what they did. They were drunk, but that doesn’t change the harm that this will do personally and professionally. How in the heck do they recover from this?

Carrie screwed Brody, but she really screwed herself and the agency. Did he call Carrie for support or was it to get information out of her about the polygraph test? Her slip was all he needed to trick the lie detector test, which we know he did.

Carrie just dug an even deeper hole for herself when she had Brody asked if he was faithful to his wife. The positive is that she knows he beat the test, but was it worth the negative? Now Brody knows that Carrie suspects him of slipping the razor blade to Hamid. What does the mean going forward? It probably wasn’t very smart of her to get in the car with him.

We don’t know if Brody was responsible for the razor, but we still don’t know whether Saul did it either. His polygraph tests leave his innocence up in the air. Did he fail the first time due to other stress or did he really do it? We will have to wait until another day to find out the answer to this secret and who was responsible.

While we don’t know the truth about the razor, we did find out information that supports Brody turning on his country. His fellow marine said, “Brody’s full of shit. Right up to his fucking eyeballs.” And, continued to spew that Brody was against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and was hypocrite for helping recruit now. If he was questioning the war when he was captured that would have made it easier for him to be brainwashed or just turned.

I thought the situation in the first episodes was serious, but it got really real in “A Good Soldier.” The terrorists are running around killing their own, there may be a leak within the CIA, and personally those involved have messed up lives — how can they overcome these obstacles to keep the country safe?

Other stuff

  • The memorial service was very touching. Brody handled it surprisingly well since he was responsible for Tom Walker’s death.
  • Where did Brody spend the night?
  • The Brody-Jessica-Mike situation is an odd one. Mike was his friend. If Brody had died, wouldn’t he have wanted someone to be there for his wife and to help take care of his kids? And, wouldn’t his best friend be the person he would want there?
  • The plot involving Aileen and Faisel didn’t last long. The terrorist network not only knew that Faisel was being followed previously, but somehow that they were compromised. The network is strong enough that they were expendable? Now that Faisel has been killed what will Aileen do? Continue with her mission or will she turn herself in?
  • After being held captive and tortured, why wouldn’t Brody be able to fool a lie detector test? Seems logical. But, if he has been turned by Nazir, he would have been trained to fool the test, as well. Makes me wonder why they even did the tests.
  • Why isn’t Saul demand an answer about why Carrie had Brody asked about the infidelity? This is going to cause her problems.
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One Response to “Homeland – Yep … it happened!”

November 7, 2011 at 10:48 AM

First: Saul probably already knew the answer to why Carrie asked the question.
And the suspend-your-disbelief thing is why the CIA doesn’t pre- test for drugs such as beta blockers, etc, which allow anyone, trained or not, to fool a lie detector by regulating heart rate and respiration.
I wonder if Carrie was actually that blitzed, or if she was faking some of it?
Still don’t understand the subplot of Aileen and Faisel. How do they connect to Brody, if they do?
This is definitely the best television going now. Hope they don’t screw it up……..