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Grey’s Anatomy – Are Cristina & Owen headed for Splitsville?

Ten thousand surgeries, a five percent chance of success, a first birthday, one widow and an unforgivable decision.

- Season 8, Episode 12 - "Hope for the Hopeless"

Amidst the emotional punch packed by a fatherless kid with a terminal illness, a widow trying to bury her grief in her work and the touching operating room scene with Adele and Richard, the final verbal skirmish between Cristina and Owen stole this episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Owen had ample reason to be ticked at her. Cristina and Teddy openly and gleefully defied his orders to go home since they’d been working for nearly 48 hours without a break. They laughed as they lied to his face and mocked him. They shouldn’t have been in that OR, this sleepless duo who couldn’t operate at full capacity with no sleep.

Cristina’s excuse was for her mutinous behavior was twofold: She was angry about being duped into operating on Henry, who had the misfortune of dying on her table. Then she was ordered by Owen to work alongside Teddy and lie, for hours, about how well Henry had pulled through the operation, waiting until the patient they were working on was safe before telling Teddy the truth.

Cristina rationalized that because of her role in all of this, doing Owen’s bidding, she would do everything and anything Teddy wanted, even when it was unwise, unethical and impulsive. But she should’ve known better. No matter how sorry and guilty she felt, she was further endangering the well-being of another person by operating while exhausted … which was Owen’s point, a legitimate one by the way, although he decided to twist everything together, intertwining with his buried rage about Cristina’s decision to have an abortion with his fury at being undermined in front of the staff.

“You killed our baby!” Owen shouted, so that everyone who was celebrating Zola’s first birthday and Richard’s 10,000th surgery could hear. “You don’t ever forget that!”

Even though Owen, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to have a family, stood by and tenderly held Cristina’s hand while she terminated her pregnancy a few months back, he was clearly deeply wounded. Is that wound deep enough to torpedo their marriage, a marriage which occurred while Cristina was still shell-shocked in the wake of the mass shooting, not the best moment to make life-changing decisions, particularly when both partners aren’t on the same page about having children.

A close runner-up for the most affecting scene took place in the operating room, where Richard serenaded his wife Adele — who’d become hysterical while watching from her perch in the observation room, telling Richard to stop working alongside Ellis (although it was actually Meredith) and begging him not to abandon their marriage — with “My Funny Valentine,” their wedding song. The transformation in Adele’s mood, as well as Richard’s, demonstrated that, despite his infidelity with Ellis, their bond remains strong, even as he reaches out across the abyss of Alzheimer’s to try to connect with her.

Do you think that the new breach between Owen and Cristina will become something permanent?

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5 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy – Are Cristina & Owen headed for Splitsville?”

January 20, 2012 at 8:05 PM

I hate Owen and Christina together. I think it was horrible that he married her while she was dealing with the shooting, and the whole abortion thing just furthered my belief that they’re an awful couple.

January 20, 2012 at 9:27 PM

I agree, Owen is never gonna forgive her for not wanting kids or accept her the way she is (work driven). He should’ve never married her in the first place.
How do you make long term plans with someone (marriage included or not) if you want kids and they don’t. Thinking “oh well they’ll change their mind eventually” and expecting them to actually do it is selfish and pretty stupid.

January 22, 2012 at 6:01 AM

Owen’s right,Cri killed their baby,they don’t ever forget that!”
I believe Owen & Cristina can get through all of problems, I want CrOwen to stay together forever

January 31, 2012 at 9:26 PM

I never liked Cristina and Owen as a couple and am ready for Teddy and Owen to get back together eventually.

February 9, 2012 at 6:52 AM

Yes finally!! They might be soul mates, but Shonda Rhimes also said that she no longer cares about who’s gonna end up with where they end up as individuals. And I believe Cristina & Owen are a perfect example of that.
They are soul mates, but that is not enough for a marriage!!!!!! In the alternative reality episode we could see it pretty clearly: They do understand each other, but they want completely different things. Did Owen for one second think about leaving Callie and the kids to be with Cristina? I don’t think so. They should be thankful for the time they had together and move on. Marrying so early was the biggest mistake they could’ve made. Cause now it’s not only a break-up – it’s a freaking divorce.
I love Cristina, but she’s no a relationship person. She needs to find a male version of herself, preferably outside of the hospital so her personal and professional lives are clearly separated!!