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NCIS – No Palmer? No fair!

Talk about odd casting choices. How about Ray Wise as superhero ICU’s father (and the man behind the murders)? The Devil himself signed on for two minutes of screen time on an ‘NCIS’ episode? Huh?

- Season 9, Episode 15 - "Secrets"

Tonight’s new episode of NCIS may very well have been the most absurdly funny hour of the show in a long time (not sure if they were going for that, though). Apologies to fans of comic books and/or vigilantes everywhere, but Real Life Superheroes? Standing next to gun totting, badge wearing federal agents? Okay.

The best scene was when Gibbs came face-to-face with the motley crew of heroes that Tony and McGee had rounded up on the street. Gibbs did an excellent job of maintaining his composure when he confiscated the bullwhip and the bolt cutters. Then, when fangirl Abby asked to take a photo with Whipcord, Bolt Cutter, and the ridiculously named Spandexia, Gibbs threw the confiscated items to the ground in disgust. Hilarious!

The final words from the killer on the flower shop’s answering machine was a clever touch, but let me pose the following question to you: how was the shooter able to time the playing of the message on the machine with the arrival of the Captain? And I’m not asking how he knew when to shoot … that could have been accomplished quite easily. I’m saying, how did the killer know that the store owner would play the message only when the Captain was standing on the other side of the shop’s counter? No way could he have predicted that, even if he knew that the pair regularly met when the shop closed, and that the owner played order messages at the close of business. Still could never have been timed right.

Anyway, the entire superhero thing was just ridiculous. Calling themselves “community activists?” I’m actually kind of surprised that McGee wasn’t more into the idea and/or that he wasn’t actually already involved somehow. Seems very up his alley. With guys like Selenum — Selenium is a chemical element — Captain Code, ICU, and Soulless (how ridiculously funny are those names?), surely they could use a McGeek in some way.

As weird a casting decision as Ray Wise was, how about the appearance of Mrs. Ari herself, Perrey Reeves, as Tony’s recently revealed ex-fiance, Wendy Miller? This one was a head scratcher for multiple reasons. First was the casting of Reeves; she’s great, no doubt. But first of all, she’s Mrs. Ari, which in my mind makes her a mid-forties mom. While Reeves is in fact younger than the forty-three year-old Michael Weatherly, imagining her running around with the immature Tony seems like a generational impossibility.

Second, they weren’t particularly enjoyable together. And I have no problem with Tony being in a relationship … I was, and continue to be, a fan of onetime Tony love Jeanne Benoit, so I take no issue with the softer side of DiNozzo. Rather, Tony and Wendy are just a terrible match. There’s nothing there, and they failed to make me believe that there ever had been anything there. Tony would be foolish to rekindle a relationship with her for multiple reasons. One, she left him at the altar. Two, they have no chemistry. So really, why put yourself through that?

Not what I was hoping for after a rough two-hundredth, but I definitely enjoy a good laugh!

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6 Responses to “NCIS – No Palmer? No fair!”

February 15, 2012 at 5:19 AM

The killer wasn’t the one who left the message. One of the superheroes left the message, the bodyguard was the killer. It was just a coincidence.

February 15, 2012 at 11:35 AM

I found it unlikely that Gibbs would have thrown Tony into that situation. Don’t I remember Gibbs telling Tony in the past “I don’t need you distracted” while working a case?

February 15, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Yeah, Soulless left the message, not the killer.

February 15, 2012 at 8:46 PM

pickwick and Robert — thanks for the correction. But the question still remains, and while the likely explanation for the timing was that it was a coincidence, the episode certainly didn’t construct it in such a way. I still think we’re supposed to believe that the timing of the entire incident was intentional, which begs the question: how?

February 16, 2012 at 12:31 AM

The whole episode … I was wondering if it was loosely based on Phoenix Jones … Seattle’s “real life Super Hero” …

as for your question about the message … Soulless’ beef was over money with the Florist … not the Navy Captain … them being there together listening to the message right before they were killed was only for dramatic effect.

Here he is in his “costume”