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The Voice, again, has become a bit tedious

We saw it last year: This round of "The Voice" gets stale. And when it does we just want it to motor along so the real competition can begin.

- Season 2, Episode 4 - "The Blind Auditions, Part 4"

I’m noticing a trend this season on The Voice: There are lots of hopefuls who have the technical skill, but seem to be holding back. They just don’t project. And not doing so isn’t working for them. Conversely, there are many who can — and have — let fly, but they are raw and unrefined. I’m rather digging some of these contestants and curious to see how the coaches guide them.

But we have a way to go yet before we start traveling down that road.

In the meantime, we have Blind Auditions still to navigate.

And cripes … they’re dragging. Know why? Because in two hours’ time, we (sometimes) slogged through 21 hopeful contestants. 21 … !!! ¡¡¡Hay Chihuahua!!! Some were really trying my patience, you know that? The first two? Ducky and Jonathas? Let me tell you something: Carson stated words to the effect The Voice has obtained the best talents to compete on the show. So … Ducky and Jonathas? I don’t think so. They were nowhere near “the best” … not by a long shot, Carson.

You want to know who had voices this episode? Tony Vincent. Good, but weird in various parts of his “We Are The Champions” tune. Jamie Lono and his gooftastic look had a voice, too; he performed a kickin’ “Folsom Prison Blues” for us. They were worthy.

Ducky and Jonathas were not.

You know who else I think could be worthy, though he didn’t make it? Big ‘ole Eric Tipton, that’s who. “I’m a six foot, 300 pound white guy that sings soul music. My music is about soul … and if you can make them feel something, then you don’t need an image.” I would have loved to have heard that guy emote some soul. As it was, he didn’t seize the opportunity as he should have. He squandered it. He didn’t mean to, but in hindsight I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts he realized in the end he short-changed himself. I’m hoping for the chance to see him again as they did with the “let-go’s” last season. Give him a second chance and he won’t flub it. We’ll see.

Of the remainder of the 21? Well … we didn’t catch but a glance at Nathan Anderson, Luna Searles and Adam Lasher, but we’ll see more of them down the line. One more I really took notice of was Naia Kete and her cool little yodel. It was a kick she ended up going with Blake. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s an odd pairing … but one I’m looking forward to.

One more mention: Anthony Evans, the 10 years wise gospel singer. Horrible, horrible choice of song. His “What’s Going On” was weaker than weak. Rather wet raggish. I’m a bit surprised anyone spun their seat at all … and, if not for Christina, that wouldn’t have happened. I would expect someone with that much singing experience — and in front of an audience, no less — to be able to tread the boards with better connection than he offered. (Listen to me … like I could do any better. Hey, I know what I hear.)

Next week? We’re treated to The Lorax as a “guest coach” on The Voice. Man … am I glad Brittany is taking that one.


  • Post Anthony Evans performance, Cee Lo stated he “… really got emotionally involved” in the song. Bullshit. Come on … don’t jerk the contestants around like that. If Cee Lo was so emotionally involved he would have pounded on that button and spun his damned chair around. Period. Don’t give me that “emotionally involved” guff.
  • Much as I like Blake, I don’t like his “in your face” reactions and taunting at the other coaches when he earns a new team member. It’s classless.


  • Did anyone find it a little creepy Carson went in for a big ‘ole hug of Tony Vincent’s wife after her pregnancy news? And then, back in the waiting room with his Vincent’s wife, Carson looked a little sad when Tony hugged her as she congratulated him post-performance. What?
  • After his post performance discussion, Anthony Evans didn’t greet Christina after winning a spot on her team … nor did she do anything whatsoever other than offer a curt congratulations as he made his way off stage. No hug. No winky-wink. Not even a hearty handshake. How long do you think Anthony’s going to stay around? I’ll tell you how long: Not at all. He’ll be gone in the first elimination. Mark my words.
  • Contestant Charlotte Sometimes (real name Jessica Charlotte Poland): Really? I know her name is taken from the book of the same name by Penelope Farmer, but I wonder if she’s ever heard of The Cure’s “Charlotte Sometimes“? Doubt it …)


“I pushed my button for you.” — Cee Lo
“You push all my buttons.” — Contestant Naia Kete

“Tony: What do you think of yourself?” — Cee Lo
“I think I kick ass …” — Contestant Tony Vincent

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4 Responses to “The Voice, again, has become a bit tedious”

February 21, 2012 at 10:28 AM

You know, Mike, I love my show, but I’m kinda thinking 5 eps of blind auditions is a bit much. Plus you gotta love the handy cross-promotion of the new Universal movie too (*cough*).

I really don’t want this show to turn into the commercial hype machine that a lot of reality shows have. It’s too good for that.

February 21, 2012 at 10:36 AM

. . . . .


I hear you.

My first love of music competitions is Idol. Everything else is secondary. That doesn’t mean I don’t scathe it regularly for stuff that doesn’t work, mock certain ways they do things, etc. It’s just that it’s set the precedent for the way these shows go forward. I can take off my blinders and critique it easily.

Glad you recognize the fact the format isn’t perfect, too. Idol has its never ending auditions just as The Voice has its Blind Auditions.

February 21, 2012 at 8:14 PM

Yes, this is getting a little tedious, but for me, last year, I thought the interaction of the judges during the blind auditions was more entertaining than the opening contestant battles. I like when the contestants are in the driver’s seat and get to choose between judges. The courting that goes on is fun to watch, and I like Blake Shelton emoting over his “wins” and “losses”. I’m with Naia Kete, I think, who chose Blake’s enthusiasm over C-Lo’s bid from his throne. Go with your gut, girl, and choose someone who isn’t afraid to show he wants you.

We could make the auditions a little less cumbersome if we limit Carson Daly’s air time. Both his interactions with the contestant’s supporters and his personal delivery of some of the invites are wearing on me. Excuse me, Carson, but you aren’t one of the judges, you don’t get a team, and you aren’t a coach. So back off.

February 21, 2012 at 8:17 PM

. . . . .

I snarked about my distaste for Carson enough last season.

And my first bullet point under “Notes” above was quite enough mention of Carson for me. He’s kinda creepy …