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Parenthood – Welcome to the Braverman family!

Zoe gives birth, Jasmine and Crosby go camping, an offer is made on the Luncheonette, Sarah and Mark talk about moving to New York, and Amber leaves her job -- all on one episode of 'Parenthood.' Wow.

- Season 3, Episode 17 - "Remember Me, I'm the One that Loves You"

I love you. Three simple words. Yet, three of the most powerful words when strung together. Tonight’s Parenthood was perfectly titled, “Remember Me, I’m the One that Loves You.”

Most things in our world are finite, but love … you can never run out of love to give or to receive. And, sometimes, love surprises you.

Crosby and Jasmine
Finally! Yes, Crosby messed up last year. I was disappointed back then that Jasmine wasn’t able to look at the big picture and forgive him. Ultimately for them, it was a good thing that they broke their engagement. Over the last year, they both have grown and become more mature. They also have had the opportunity to figure out what they really wanted. Jasmine has the “perfect” man in love with her, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

Crosby and Jasmine have something special. And, they found their way back to each other! Instead of Crosby chasing after her, Jasmine proposed to Crosby. What a huge moment! The love they have for each other is amazing; it just took some time for them to be at the right place.

Unfortunately for Joe and Crosby’s girl, they are going to be left behind.

It looks like there’s going to be a wedding!

Julia and Zoe
When Zoe told Julia, “I love you,” my heart both swelled and broke for her. It’s was clear that she moved out because she was growing too attached to Julia, Joel and Sydney. She was in the middle of labor when it’s natural for emotions to be high, but it was such a touching moment. Julia looked surprised at first, but then, she realized how much Zoe has come to mean to her as well.

During the birth scene, I was surprised I didn’t tear up or cry at first. I’m a cryer. Yep, I am. Not embarrassed. But, the moment that Zoe said she didn’t want to hold her son and Julia took him in her arms, I busted out crying. It was a special moment. Heartbreaking and joyous at the same time.

Will Zoe keep the baby? I don’t know. Julia overreacted to seeing Zoe with her son. She should have gone in and talked to her, but I also understand how she was gripped with fear in that moment. Zoe looked like she belonged with her son, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to give him up. The way she looked at Julia and then her son, Zoe was split between the new love for her son and her feelings for Julia. Zoe was in a no-win situation in that moment.

The high to low that Julia experienced within a short time was excruciating to watch. From the joy of walking in the hospital with Joel and Sydney to meeting and giving the look of concern to Joel at the elevator to breaking down. Erika Christensen portrayed Julia’s joy at the birth to the pain of thinking she had lost him so authentically. I  felt like I was right there with her.

Whether Julia and Joel realize it or not, Zoe has become part of their family even more than the son they have been expecting. She needs them. Whether they adopt Zoe’s son or not, I hope for all of them that Zoe and the baby move in with them. They have enough love to go around.

Sarah and Mark
Their relationship started out with such potential and one of my favorite to watch on the show. Unfortunately, I’m not sure they really are in a relationship. Instead, they have become play things. They are playing a weird form of house that kids play when they are young. They decide they want to have a baby, but don’t have a single conversation about what that really means.

Where are they going to live? Seriously, at least have a conversation about getting married. There’s no reason they need to get married, but at least be adults about it and consider it. Now, Mark wants them to move to New York in a year. Just like with having a baby, their conversation was more dreaming and fantasy than reality. Mark seemed surprised that Sarah actually reached out to someone in New York about getting work there.

Sarah and Mark need to take a step back into reality and discuss what it is they really want together.

Would you give up your dream for money? The Luncheonette is Crosby’s dream, but it is Adam’s job. The disparity in their positions is going to come to a head. Is there a compromise? I’ve tried to put myself in both of their shoes and I don’t know which of them is in the right, because neither of them is wrong. Well, except that Adam never should have gone to the meeting without Crosby. Or, shook on agreeing to convince Crosby.

I felt for her situation. Kristina overstepped by busting into the hotel room, but she did it out of love and concern for her niece. The moment that she told Amber she loved her was touching. In the end, Amber needed the love and comfort of her mother.

Amber and Bob do have a connection, but dating the boss is a dangerous road to take. Which will Amber choose?

Next week is the Parenthood finale and given the show’s low ratings, it may or may not get renewed for another season. I’m not ready to give up my weekly dose of the Bravermans, are you? Next week’s finale will be bittersweet!

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2 Responses to “Parenthood – Welcome to the Braverman family!”

February 22, 2012 at 6:13 PM

I have to say there is a lot of Parenthood I like however lately I am disappointed about how some things have turned out.
1.- Mark and Sarah: what is that having a baby is the next step when two people love each other? NO! the natural thing is getting married or even move in together then let’s have the CHILD, give me a break!
2.- Crosby and Jasmine? these are the two least favorite people on my show. Crosby is an immature goofball, yes he has grown up in the past year but he is still immature. What a confusing circumstance for that child. Mom and dad are getting married, no hang on, now we are not, then mama has a boyfriend, then daddy has a girlfriend. Now in the midst of all these instead of taking some time alone to figure out what they want, breaking up with their girlfriend and boyfriend, they are going to jump in together and get back in bed again… sorry I do not like that either. PLUS Crosby really needs a haircut!
3.- BOB and Amber. Sarah wondering what is wrong with Amber having a relationship with her boss… well I can understand Amber being naive and young and falling for him, but BOB should know better not to. Wait until the campaign is over and then pursue her. I love Kristina’s protectiveness behavior, but also talk to Amber and help her figure out why is wrong in so many ways. I think Amber deserves someone good like Bob seems to be but it is the timing that is wrong. If someone who is in office does not know why not to, then he is too immature to have that office!

Joel, Julia and Sydney…. I like them and feel for them.

Anyways… let’s get the show straighten up but if it keeps on going this way not sure I will look forward to my weekly dosage of Bravermans

February 23, 2012 at 11:56 PM

I love this show. I am torn about a few storylines. I HATE Mark; I think he is so immature and Sarah, of all people, needs someone mature. I feel terrible for Hattie; that girl always gets shorted. But currently, my heart is breaking for both Zoe and Julia – two mothers who love the same baby. Thus is the gift and curse of adoption…

I hope this show renews. I love it. Every week.