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Shane West chats about Nikita at C2E2

Shane West stopped by C2E2 this past weekend and I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about 'Nikita'. Check out the video of the round-table interview.

Shane West was on set filming Nikita into the late hours on Friday, but he still made it to Chicago early on Saturday for C2E2. After the panel with creator and executive producer Craig Silverstein, and an autograph session, Shane stopped by the press room for an interview.

During the interview he discussed:

  • The development of Michael’s character
  • This week’s episode “Wrath,” especially the ramifications for Michael and Nikita
  • The constant twists and turns that happen weekly on Nikita
  • A surprise coming at the end of the season
  • Dramatic acting versus doing the fight and action scenes
  • How Michael will react to the coming death of a major character this season
  • His experiences on ER and the insight he received from Noah Wyle when he first started the show

Check out the interview video below and then stop by later this week for some teases and spoilers from the panel and interview with Craig Silverstein.


Photo Credit: The CW

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