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NCIS:LA – Hawaii Five-0 mash up – Part 2

While concluding the two part team up of 'NCIS:LA' with 'Hawaii 5-0', Danno and Chin Ho travel to LA to help the gang track the released smallpox virus.

- Season 3, Episode 21 - "Touch of Death"

This episode ended as you’d expect: the gang discovered the missing vials, took down the misguided mad scientist, and saved the international teen delegation she targeted as well as their families … and the world. While this episode didn’t give the 5-0 guys much to do (I felt the NCIS:LA guys did more in Hawaii and had more lines), it was still an action-packed hour. Like I said regarding part 1, this team up looked more fluid than any NCIS-NCIS:LA cross-over. Although Danno proved the brunt of each joke and Chin Ho slowly uncovered his inner McGarrett, the best part of the show came not from the entire gang throwing down major kickass, it came from NCIS:LA‘s team bonding. Callen describing running away with Sam (without his family), the Kensei-Deeks flirtation, and the wonder tech twin pair-up all spoke to the team’s bond. In fact, this episode almost didn’t need the team up (especially since the 5-0 guys didn’t get much airtime).

This episode’s writing is the reason I now view NCIS:LA as an actual pleasure (as opposed to a guilty pleasure). I wrote the show off after its disastrous first season (focused more on action and less on dialogue/character development). Although I watched it for the eye candy, I loathed myself while doing so. Despite the show’s high points: Hetty and Sam and Callen’s bromance, the rest of the show felt off. I liked the Nate character and respected Peter Cambor as an actor, but his Deanna Troi didn’t work for NCIS:LA. Both Kensi as the uber-hot action babe and the pretty boy Barbie-esque Deeks seemed too artificial. I telepathically urged the producers to torpedo its weak links (Deeks and Kensi) and focus on its stronger pieces (Sam, Callen, and Hetty).

Luckily, the show ignored my mental advice by keeping Deeks and Kensi while giving Deeks more depth and changing Kensi into a tomboyish geek. While I don’t buy Daniela Ruah as the awkward pretty girl (because she’s way too pretty), the revised character fit her far better. Season two also reduced the fabulous Peter Cambor to a guest star, so we only saw him when it fit the story. Another, tech team plus included the addition of Nell. By the time season three rolled around, the show added smart dialogue while continuing to develop Kensi and Deeks’ relationship alongside the will they-won’t they geek friendship of Nell and Eric. Although Sam and Callen slightly faded to the background, they remained the show’s rock.

Last year I viewed Hawaii 5-0 as the smart person’s action series because 5-0 hit each episode out of the ballpark with writing and character interaction. Even though it shared the same hyper-saturated colors and intense action sequences as NCIS:LA, the writing was better and character development deeper. But, this season, NCIS:LA keeps knocking it out of the neighborhood. Although I loved this episode for combining my two favorite action shows, I enjoyed it more because the NCIS: LA producers maintained a high level of writing and character interaction.

“Does she come with the building?” – Danno (on Hetty)
“Easy tiger, she’s got ears like a bat.” – Deeks
“Really? She sleep upside down, too?” – Danno

“Is there a pill we can take?” – Deeks (on wanting to avoid the smallpox virus)
“A patch? A nasal spray?” – Danno and Deeks
“Guests first.” – Deeks
“I’ve got to work on my sleeve.” – Danno

“You were throwing down more flirtation than a divorcee on a singles cruise.” – Deeks

“They live on an island.” – Callen (fearing Chin Ho and Danno can’t follow them)
“They’re cops. Not the Skipper and Gilligan.” – Sam

“You and I should retire to an island.” – Callen
“What about my family?” – Sam
“You can bring them.” – Callen

“You don’t have any hobbies. The only way a guy like you retires is with a bullet.” – Sam
“Nice.” – Callen

“You know what I’m doing after we get this guy?” – Callen
“What’s that?” – Sam
“I’m getting a hobby.” – Callen

“You know what they say about crazy women” – Eric
“No, I don’t. What do they say?” – Nell
“I don’t know … something.” -Eric

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One Response to “NCIS:LA – Hawaii Five-0 mash up – Part 2”

May 15, 2012 at 9:55 PM

I am watching an episode of NCIS LA that is a continuation of a Hawaii 50 episode. I am dumbfounded at how totally insipid the NCIS script writing is. Add this to some of the suckiest acting on television and we have something that’s pretty unwatchable. Sorry. I wanted to like this show.

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