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Nikita – A cliffhanger leading to the season finale

In this episode of 'Nikita', we learn that Percy's grand plan is truly much bigger than a single nuclear bomb.

- Season 2, Episode 22 - "Crossbow"

Welcome back, Liz, who’s guest clacking again for us for Nikita. …

Nikita has been renewed for season three! So now, whatever they throw at us in the season finale next week, at least we’ll find out how it resolves. Phew!

Percy’s bigger plan seems to be to hold the USA hostage with a Killer Satellite called Crossbow that can fire some sort of death ray down to the earth’s surface. It is very James Bond. Yet Percy isn’t holding the country hostage for money. He appears to be doing it because he wants to belong to an Evil Mastermind Club and this is his ticket in.

Team Nikita doesn’t know all of that. In fact, at first they think Percy’s trying to build a missile, when he goes after some scientists who worked on a satellite system in the 1980s. But I think someone, probably Ryan, should have pointed out that building a nuclear missile is considerably more ambitious and requires a lot of expertise than building a bomb.

The first thing I think about when I see tanks blow up from a gun shot is Mythbusters, where they proved that it’s really not that easy to blow up fuel tanks with a pistol in reality. But it’s cool looking when Michael shoots a propane tank to blow up the Division agents.

Alex and Sean go to track down Robbie, a Division minion who gives his life to “paint” the target for the Crossbow satellite at a nuclear plant. Sean and Alex are both pretty careless this episode: they don’t tie Robbie properly, they don’t crush the transmitter with a rock, and they let the farm couple talk. They should have known that Division agents can be fanatical.

Ryan gets to hobnob with President Grayson, who seems like a cool guy. The way he’s portrayed makes me wonder why they haven’t gone to him before.

The expression on Michael’s face when Birkhoff kisses Nikita makes me laugh and laugh — kudos to Shane West with that. Michael isn’t overtly threatened or angry, just bemused. I love that their relationship is so solid that a kiss on the lips from someone else doesn’t send him in some sort of jealous tizzy. (I refuse to use pairing names. That practice should die a slow lingering death in acid, but sadly fandom never asked my opinion.)

After that moment, it is wall-to-wall action to the end of the episode. Michael — of course — cannot for one instant stay outside, when Nikita is in trouble. I am highly suspicious that the rope is not going to be there when they try to escape, or it won’t hold both of them, or something is going to go terribly awry with this rope plan next episode.

So, we end with a cliffhanger setting us up for next week: Nikita is near the explosion, Sean and Alex are under fire, and Michael is inside Division and probably trapped. But the control boards for the killer satellite are toast, so at least Percy doesn’t have his puppet Potus anymore. Though this is Percy, his contingency plans have contingencies, so I’m sure he’s not done for just yet.

The season finale is next week! Thank you, CW, for not letting it be the series finale.

Favorite Quotes:

  • President Grayson: “You’re telling me the combined might of US military forces is helpless against a madman? In New Jersey?”
  • Sean: “You were friends with this guy?” (to Alex, after Robbie’s mentioned how he’s dissolved people in acid).
  • All of Birkhoff’s Star Wars references.

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Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

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