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Interviews with Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara of The Walking Dead

I got the opportunity to snag some quick time with both creator Robert Kirkman as well as showrunner Glen Mazzara while at the recent Saturn Awards. Following is what they had to say about the upcoming season 3 ...

While at the Saturn Awards recently, I got to snag some time with both creator, writers and executive producers Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara of The Walking Dead.

Both gentlemen made there way down the red carpet before the program started with Robert pulling up the rear — and rather late I might add — apologizing and looking a bit uncomfortable because his appearance was so tardy.

Glen appeared starched and somewhat uncomfortable at all the cameras clicking that were pointed his way, but he managed a smile or two during his stroll. I didn’t catch him at the start of things, but I would be more fortunate later on in the evening after receiving his Saturn Award. Robert, on the other hand, was somewhat more comfortable in black jeans rolled up at the cuffs, a black buttoned-down shirt, jacket and a lime green tie.

Robert Kirkman: “I didn’t have anything to wear to this thing,” he confessed to me. “They said ‘Come in anything!’ then someone told me I really should dress a little better than just a T-shirt. I just bought these jeans but I found out too late they were too long by about 6″ and I had to roll them up!”

Michael: “It’s the tie that’s blinding me, Robert. No one gives a hoot about your jeans.”

Robert: *chuckles*

Michael: “Where are you at in the scheme of things in shooting this season?”

Robert: “We’re at the 8th episode right now and everything is moving along very well. I’m really pleased with what we’ve got in the can so far and everyone is really on the ball.”

Michael: “What can we expect from this season in the early going?”

Robert: “Well … I can tell you we’re not pulling any punches going into the premiere. Things take off right from where last season ended and there are going to be lots of surprises. I think both the fans of the show as well as the fans of the comics are going to be very pleased with what we have in store for them. They’re going to be … well … you’ll see …”

Michael: “Any predictions for this season you can clue us into?”

Robert: “You know … I’m done making predictions and here’s why: Sometimes the writers are throwing stuff into the stories that turn out to be really good ideas, stuff I haven’t even thought of. So you never know where it’s going to go … I don’t know exactly where it’s going to go. But things are going great on the set and that’s going to translate into good stuff for the fans.”

Some doofus behind me butted in and asked him quickly: “Robert, how ’bout bringing back Shane? I miss Shane!”

Robert: “Give me $400.00 right now and I’ll bring him back for you …”

Then he was whisked away to the awards.

After Glen Mazzara took the stage in the media anteroom for post-ceremony photos and began leaving, I followed and caught up with him, introduced myself and asked if he had a few quick moments. He said he did and would be happy to speak with me.

Michael: “Glen, I’m Michael Noble with CliqueClack. I did a phone interview with you a few months back, published it on our site …”

Glen Mazzara: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I remember! Pleased to meet you!” he said while we shook hands.

Michael: “Thanks for giving me a moment. Yeah … the interview we did earlier in the year was pretty popular, very informative. A lot of our readers really dug it.”

Glen: “I was happy to speak with you. Glad they liked it.”

Michael: “Is there anything different you can tell me about this season as compared to last? What stands out if anything?”

Glen: “Well … we’re full speed ahead on the season. We hit the ground running right where we left off with the (season 2) finale and things haven’t slowed down since then. You know the prison arc is going on. You’re going to see some things you’re not expecting.”

Michael: “I understand you’re in the midst of the 8th episode at this point? What can you tell me about this expanded season?”

Glen: “We are. Yes. We’re starting up episode 8, half way there. As far as this season being longer, I can tell you this: The episode we’re working on now is the mid-season finale. It’s going to be … it’s going to leave everyone on the edge of their seat, I expect. Then we’ll pick it back up with 9 later on the same way we broke it up last season. But this one is going to be … different. In a particular way. So we’ll have two ‘mini seasons’ both at 8 episodes with a huge mid-season finale, then *bam* right back in it with episode 9.”

Michael: “What’s the mood on the set like?”

Glen: “The entire cast is very happy to be at it again and everyone is in a great mood. The feeling on the set is huge, familiar and enjoyable, if you can believe that. Kind of strange for the kind of show it is. But everyone loves it …”

Michael: “Glen, I told you I wanted you for a few moments and I’m sticking with that promise. Thanks for taking time to talk with me.”

Glen: “No problem, Mike. My pleasure, thanks for talking with me.”

Lastly, when Robert came into the media room th,is time with an award in hand (the Saturn ‘Innovator’ Award) and after he got a gaggle of photos taken of him once again, I spoke up and asked if he minded if I shot one more question his way (no one else wanted to ask him anything, so …):

Robert: “Shoot it at me.”

Michael: “Arguably, the prison story arc is one of the most popular and controversial of the comic series. There’s a lot of heavy duty stuff going on, some extremely graphic stuff. Can we expect the same from the show when it hits the airwaves again? I mean … ‘we’ meaning everyone except for those people who have the DISH network …”

Robert, smiling: “Oh … yeah. We’re not holding anything back. Things are going to have a familiar ring to them, but there’s going to be stuff in there that people aren’t expecting, too. But as far as the show goes in relation to the comic, the writers haven’t done anything to compromise the integrity of the story. It will be good …”

(Oh … and that dude standing next to Robert and his green tie in the photo above? That’s TWD executive producer David Alpert. I’m not certain — and didn’t ask — if Robert’s tie had a name.)

Photo Credit: Michael Noble

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