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Warehouse 13 – Myka takes a pregnant pause

An artifact makes Myka seem pregnant on this episode of 'Warehouse 13,' pretty much putting the damper on a potential hockey player love interest. Also, Artie is on the trail of missing artifacts, and Claudia learns more about her destiny with the Warehouse.

- Season 4, Episode 5 - "No Pain No Gain"

Warehouse 13 continues its recent trend of splitting off its cast into different pairings this week, but the good news is that Pete and Myka finally get to go on a mission together for the first time in a while. “No Pain No Gain” puts them on the trail of a Canadian hockey player named Mike who seems to be able to spontaneously heal — a very useful skill in the hockey world! It was cute to see Myka giddy over someone, even if it was a one-episode-only thing and, as Pete pointed out, reeked of romantic comedy cliches. It was also nice to see Tim Omundson and Kirsten Nelson of Psych guest star on the same episode.

The whole wishing artifact seemed pretty standard until Pete accidentally used it himself, wishing Myka into pregnancy because he can’t imagine who else would be able to be with him in his crazy Warehouse life. He admits to loving her, though I assume they both take that as friend love, but Myka seems pensive when she sees him watching a kid at the end. On these kinds of shows, there is always some shipping of the main duo, though I have preferred them as more of a brother-sister pairing since almost the beginning. There have always been hints that Pete feels more for her, though, and episodes like this demonstrate that the show is at least willing to address the issue. His use of the wish fulfillment artifact probably shows his true feelings, and the story of the week was about unrequited (if stalkerish) love. I don’t follow this show’s fan base enough to know if that’s something people want to see, at least for the show’s endgame. I don’t mind either way.

Meanwhile, Artie, with Steve’s help, is on the trail of the stuff Brent Spiner is stealing from the Warehouse, basically undoing all of Artie’s life’s work. The show seems more serialized this season because every episode has touched on this plot of Artie’s use of the astrolabe, and usually not in a small way, either. Who exactly is the Brother working with that is powerful enough to steal stuff right of the Warehouse? I am glad the show seems to have moved on to some new big bads, no matter what the outcome of this story is. What does the increased serialization mean for the show?

Steve also has to confess to Artie that Claudia’s life is now linked to his. Won’t someone tell her, though? I hate it when TV shows show characters trying to protect other, usually female, characters from truths like this “for their own good;” It’s a pretty tired, sexist trope. Claudia is young, but she is showing herself as more and more able to handle what life throws at her, as her “lunch” with Mrs. Frederic shows. Claudia is learning what life as a future guardian of the Warehouse will entail, and it includes outliving everyone you love as well as being able to sense the birth of artifacts. Well, at least the last part is cool, right?

Notes and Quotes:

  • Speaking of the birth of artifacts, I am glad that both Claudia’s story and Myka and Pete’s showed that artifacts don’t have to have belonged to “Wikipedia entries.” But isn’t it a bit late to be establishing this? Maybe the writers feel that they are running out of famous people.
  • Last week, they mentioned that HG is off who-knows-where. I guess she didn’t want to remain an agent? I am sure they will still bring her in when they want, but I wish they’d explain her absence better.
  • That hockey team was incredibly fake. The Toronto Marvels? Really?
  • Nelson played crazy really well (in a cartoonish Warehouse 13 way), which must have been a nice break from her eminently sensible Chief on Psych.
  • Pete, on his partnership with  Myka: “She’s the observant one and I’m the one that eats all the time.”
  • Myka: “I was pre-med before I was pre-law before I joined the Secret Service.”
    Pete: “Yet you ended up in the exact same place as me.”
  • Myka: “He’s naked in the shower and I already checked his chain.”
    Pete:”How much’ll you pay me not to tell anyone you said that?”
    Myka: “Fifty bucks.”
    Pete: “Done.”
  • Pete, interrupting Mike and Myka’s conversation about opera: “Can we get going? You can play Mike’s Magic Flute later.”
    Myka, to Mike: “I have to go kill him now.”
  • Steve, doing car product placement: “It’s got Bing and Pandora.”
    Artie: “Oh, What a relief! That way If we can’t find the missing artifact we can customize our music stations!”
  • Pete, admitting that he loves Myka: “I also love fajitas and cage fighting and bald women. I mean, Sinead O’Connor…”


Photo Credit: Syfy

6 Responses to “Warehouse 13 – Myka takes a pregnant pause”

August 21, 2012 at 11:01 AM

this story line wouldn’t happen if HG was still around and with Myka

August 21, 2012 at 1:07 PM

Well, I don’t know if they were starting a storyline so much as touching on it. Myke/Pete seemed like more of a possibility before she and HG had such chemistry, but I think it seems that HG will never be a permanent member of the team (probably because of the actress’ availability). They do have interesting chemistry, though!

August 21, 2012 at 1:05 PM

I had an interesting thought when it came to the warehouse items. Did the items make these owners famous? Mrs. F said that the item begins with a person, an event or something like that… anyway…

For this episode, I am just kind of glad that they closed the “people that have starred on a Star Trek” book for it. Last week was too weird with Brent Spiner and Rene Auberjonois in it.

August 21, 2012 at 1:08 PM

You make a good point, Deb, and this is something I’d welcome more exploration of. Do the items cause people to be famous? Or is there just a strong correlation between the two?

Good thing Kate Mulgrew wasn’t on last week, too!

August 21, 2012 at 3:54 PM

So far, it seems like the only evil unleashed by the astrolabe is the Brotherhood itself…

August 22, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Randy, I think you’ve hit on it!

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