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Warehouse 13 – The return of Alice Liddell

Alice's Liddell's return on 'Warehouse 13' gives Artie more reason to isolate himself from his loved ones -- but is that playing into the Brotherhood's hands? Also, Steve finally comes clean with Claudia.

- Season 4, Episode 6 - "Fractures"

The return of Alice Liddell and her mirror on this week’s Warehouse 13 creates a great deal of trouble for Artie, making him think he should isolate himself even more from the people who care about him. In fact, I am starting to wonder if this is the effect Brother Adrian is going for: the sheer psychological hell losing old artifacts puts Artie into. This week was even scarier because the Brotherhood not only stole Alice’s Mirror, but was also able to sic Alice on Artie during his date with Vanessa!

This, of course, leads Artie into the self-sacrificing move of pushing Vanessa away. Also, he’s still not really telling people why artifacts are going missing. But to me, it seems like this is playing into the Brotherhood’s hands. The more isolated Artie is, the less help he will have in defeating the brotherhood and whatever the coming big evil is. Maybe the evil will be brought about because he’s isolated and hasn’t told people what the deal is. Leena overheard him talking about it, though, so maybe she and the others will try to help him. The ending was a bit ominous, but they wouldn’t make Leena secretly evil again, would they?

On a functional level, I can see why the writers are pursuing this plot of having old artifacts get let out. It saves them from having to come up with so many cool new artifacts! I know that sounds bad, but it might be a good thing; after a while, the artifacts may get pretty lame once the writing staff runs out of ideas. (I think this is also why they have started to focus on artifacts that have nothing to do with famous people.) In this case, it was fun to see Alice, who was one of the best one-off baddies in the past, return. Possession is always a fun thing to see actors playing around with.

The other ongoing secret the team had has finally been resolved — now, Claudia knows the physical tie she has to Steve. I am very glad, since I do find the trope of not revealing secrets for someone’s “own good” a bit tiresome on TV. Maybe their working together to figure out the metronome will encourage Artie to spill the beans on his dealings with the astrolabe …. but, knowing Artie, probably not.


  • Steve: “Do you have any idea how hug the warehouse database is?”
    Artie, very sarcastically: “No, tell me.”
    Steve: “You could have just said ‘stupid question.'”
    Artie, just as sarcastically: “Stupid question.”
  • Claudia: “Who died and made you boss of me?”
    Steve: “Uh, I did.”
  • Pete: “Aw, come on man, what, artifacts can walk now?”
  • Myka: “We need to think like a child.”
    Pete: “Now that’s in my wheelhouse.”
  • Steve, to Alice-in-Claudia: “Get out of my friend, you bitch!”

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2 Responses to “Warehouse 13 – The return of Alice Liddell”

August 28, 2012 at 3:15 PM

I don’t know if it has been mentioned here before, but could the evil that Brother Adrian mentioned would be unleashed because of the use of the Astrolabe be the artifacts he is releasing…like a self-fulfilling prophesy?

August 30, 2012 at 11:39 AM

A commenter mentioned that theory last week, and while I didn’t want to crib it for my reviews, I think it’s a very plausible idea. I also think isolating Artie could play into that plan — he may get so isolated that no one will be able to give him perspective and point out that Brother Adrian seems to be the great evil.

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