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Poll – Favorite British TV show

Are you a Whovian? Do you believe in ‘Sherlock’? Nuts for ‘Top Gear’? A-flutter over ‘Downton Abbey’? What British TV show (sorry, telly programme) has you hooked?

by Julia Hass

Merlin’s knights of the round table banter, tease, and discuss Tom Hopper’s arms – Interview

‘Merlin’s’ knights of the round table open up on favorite scenes, fan interactions, Tom Hopper’s arms, and what exactly Eoin Macken does to keep his hair looking so great.

by Julia Hass

TV on DVD – Merlin, Waking The Dead, Delocated

Tuesday’s releases include ‘Merlin’, ‘Waking The Dead’, ‘Delocated’, ‘Teresa’, ‘George Gently’, ‘Storm Chasers’, ‘Chipmunks’, ‘Adam 12′, ‘Sliders’, ‘Mad’, ‘Hetalia’, ‘Nabari No Ou’, and ‘Kaze No Stigma’.

by Brett Love

Merlin – Christmas finales, lessons from Downton Abbey, and how not to end a rocky season

This Christmas, we were gifted with two finales of British shows that had rocky seasons. And while the ‘Merlin’ finale was naughty, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t take a look at ‘Downton Abbey’ and figure out how to be nice.

by Julia Hass

Colin Morgan on castmates, guest stars, and season four of Merlin

‘Merlin’ star Colin Morgan sits down to discuss Arthur, Morgana, Gaius, guest stars, and just a few hints of what to expect in this Saturday’s season four finale.

by Julia Hass

Merlin – Reheated leftovers

If you experienced serious deja vu during this week’s episode of ‘Merlin’, don’t worry. You’re not crazy, you’ve just seen this exact episode several times before.

by Julia Hass

Merlin – A whole lot of nothing

After the epic failure of last week’s ‘Merlin’ episode, this week’s was cautious and bland – and maybe exactly what we, as an audience, needed.

by Julia Hass
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