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Soy-agave glazed carrots are a crowd pleaser

A wheat-free, gluten-free side dish with no unrefined sugar that everyone enjoyed? Yes, it really does exist!

Five classy dinner side dishes – Recipe Roundup

A side dish can really make a meal seem classier… says the lazy home cook who makes her risotto in a rice cooker. Ahem.

Carob chocolate chip cookies with coconut and cranberries

Vegans really can do some things right … like create some awesome baked goods to keep the eggless from losing their minds.

Zucchini pie, banana flax cookies, grilled salmon with blueberry sauce – Recipe Roundup

Zucchini pie (not a dessert!) followed by these banana flax cookies would make a divine brunch. The salmon recipe is just because.

Bento boxes for school lunches are the coolest

I’ve always been a little less than Martha Stewart would approve of, so do I have the stuff to make bento box lunches for my kid?

Quinoa tabbouleh my way

Tabbouleh, wheat-free and wonderful, permeated my week, the season and my thoughts. It only stands to reason I would create a quinoa tabbouleh recipe as soon as I could get to my kitchen.

Coleslaw recipes for the mayophobic

Eleven delightfully mayonnaise-free coleslaw recipes, ranging from simple and elegant to funky and unique. I know I’ve just made your day.

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