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The World’s Healthiest


Morning breakfast with tomato and egg salad with hummus

Any easy and healthy recipe to help start your morning with an energy-filled and nutritious breakfast.

Roasted green tomatoes with garlic and oregano

You don’t need to rely on fried green tomatoes and piccalilli to use up your green tomatoes. This recipe is so easy and healthy you’ll curse the supermarkets for not selling the green ones.

Carob chocolate chip cookies with coconut and cranberries

Vegans really can do some things right … like create some awesome baked goods to keep the eggless from losing their minds.

Classic broccoli saute doesn’t need a gimmick

Classic dishes and locally grown vegetables are the recipe for a happy summer of eating for me … join in my excitement as I make a broccoli side dish using CSA farm, farm stand and my home garden veggies.

Making skillet cookies is a deliciously fun mess

It’s easy to make a traditional skillet cookie into a healthy treat, and you won’t miss that extra cup of sugar — I promise!

Can broccoli really make you drool? – Lick My Lens

If you didn’t think you could salivate over a vegetable, then you certainly have never tried roasted broccoli. Or viewed a close-up photograph of it.

Alaskan cod with mango salsa: light and … tasty after all – Fresh Foodie

I wanted a hearty stew, but all I got was this lousy piece of delicious, flaky fish goodness…. It’s a good thing I know how to cook!

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